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The Effect of Video Games on the Foreign Language Vocabulary Expansion

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Viktor Torma

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of The Effect of Video Games on the Foreign Language Vocabulary Expansion

TDK project by Viktor Torma The Effect of Video Games on the Foreign Language Vocabulary Expansion Project goals Research questions The evolution of platforms Past vs. present ladies sitting around a table having dinner and (anti)social life. children playing football on the field vs. children playing videogame on the TV Assumptions: MMORPGs are effective tools for vocabulary extension.
MMORPG is a suitable medium conveying language and social knowledge.
Vocabulary and even language skills are improved by social interactions on the online chat.
Students prefer game-based education softwares over non game-based ones.
Motivation decisively contributes to the success of the learning process. Other topics covered in the work Future plans and suggestions Videogames - sports of the future? (e.g. League of Legends live broadcasting)

A survey among university students living in dormitories measuring acquired English vocabulary through video games (their major should not be English language) 2013, Komárno Is playing video games a suitable tool for language learning?
Which one is more effective in vocabulary expansion: playing video games or vocabulary developing tools? What are the differences?
How education could profit from learning via playing video games? Gender differences
Frequent gaming
Violent games
Criteria for educational softwares
Using videogames in the classroom
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