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AP Project

No description

Paul Courtney

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of AP Project

It's A Woman's World Eavan Boland Paul Courtney and Emily Baran
Ms. Adams C-241
English II
1 April 2013 Explanation of Content Analysis It's A Woman's World Our way of life
has hardly changed
since a wheel first
whetted a knife.

Maybe flame
burns more greedily
and wheels are steadier,
but we're the same:

we milestone
our lives
with oversights,
living by the loaf left

by the cash register,
the washing powder
paid for and wrapped,
the wash left wet:

like most historic peoples
we are defined
by what we forgot

and what we never will be:
It's our alibi
for all time:

as far as history goes,
we were never
on the scene of the crime. When the king's head
gored its basket,
grim harvest,
we were gristing bread

or getting the recipe
for a good soup.
It's still the same:

our windows
moth our children
to the flame
or hearth not history.

And still no page
scores the low music
of our outrage.

Appearances reassure:
that woman there,
craned to
the starry mystery,

is merely getting a breath
of evening air.
While this one here,
her moutha burning plume -

she's no fire-eater,
just my frosty neighbour
coming home. Short Bio of Eavan Boland The poem describes a woman saying how she sees the world and how men are considered as more important. She sees women as unappreciated and ignored. She wants something to change but she doesn't think it will. Eavan Boland was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1944. She moved to London, England when she was young, where she encountered anti-Irish sentiment. She returned to Ireland for college and then came to America. She published her first book of poetry in 1962 while still in college. She wanted to show the way women were stereotypically portrayed in the Irish culture through her poetry and that is what she did. People describe her as a feminist. She has won several awards and currently teaches. In her poem "It's a Woman's World", Boland explains her belief that women are viewed of as inferior to men. She explains that while men are out making history, the women are staying home, raising their children. Read Aloud
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