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Adam G

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Protosynthesis

THE SCIENTISTS OF PHOTOSYNETHESIS By Adam Giannone Van Helmont Believed and re-enforced Priestley's Idea but said that the plant needed..... SUNLIGHT!! Helmont's Experiment Found a small seedling and took care of it for five years. It was a small tree now and had gained 75 kilograms, however, the soil mass hadn't changed. He concluded that the mass had come from the water for that is the only thing he had added. Joseph Priestley Took a candle, placed a jar over it and watched as the flame went out. Took another candle placed it in the same jar, but put a mint plant in it and concluded that the candle needs something that the plant gives to keep lit. Priestley's Experiment Jan Ingehousz The
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