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Street Food

Year 9 Introduction

jessica smmith

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Street Food

Street food is exciting. But you wouldn’t say that of street food in Britain. Until now.
Ricahrd Johnson
Look at the images and work out which cuisine they belong to and what the dish is.

Read through the text written by journalist Richard Johnson
The multi-cultural nature of British society has also enhanced the development of street food in the UK
British Street Food
Task 1
Task 2
1. Adjectives to Describe:

Highlight in one colour what words are used to describe street food.
2. Condensing and summarising:

Use these words to write a statement describing what street food is. You are only allowed to use a post-it to do this so choose your words carefully.
Friday 5th September, 2014
To be able to explain and analyse what is meant by 'street food
Shoulder partners
What is street food?
What are the key words in the brief?
Task 3: Design Brief
1. What do you think the term 'street food' means?

2. What foods do you think would be sold on a street food stall?
Street food is creating a buzz in all major city's in the UK. This year Manchester's street food needs to be put on the map. Design and make a range of savory or sweet products that would be suitable for a street stall. Your dish can represent any culture however it needs to be a product that is easy to hold and eat on the go. You should also consider the cost and nutrition of the product and it suitability to a range of target groups.
Street Food
In the old days, British street food meant cheap sausages and overfried onions, served off rusty metal handcarts. But that’s changing. And about time too. For a nation that’s stacked with food magazines and food programmes, we’ve run out of excuses. Our food isn’t a joke any more – we’ve got more three-starred Michelin restaurants than Italy. So it’s about time we got our street food sorted too. And make every single one of us proud to be British.
Task 4: Task Analysis
Now you have identified the key words you are now going to explore them. There is an example below.
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