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Copy of Dry Prairies

No description

mia forschner

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Dry Prairies

Dry Prairies
By Mia Forschner
Jefferson Claydon
Jimmy Loson Dry prairies are large treeless areas located in centeral florida and are considered endemic or natural to florida. Over 240 plants have been recorded in dry prairies but they are mostly low shrubs,runner oak, fetterbushes, grasses, and other plants.Once there was 830,000 square meters of dry prairies now there is only 156,000 square meters left in florida. Most of the ramaining dry prairies are in the myaka state park.They are considered Endangered ecosystem, over 98% was lost. lots o f animals live in dry prairies a few are florida panthers, sand hill cranes, burrowing owls, tortises,and many more. Dry prairies are mean't for fire if there was no fire than trees would take over dry prairies.Dry prairies were thought to be used for cattle ranching because of the open space burrowing owl Animals in Dry Pairies Sandhill crane prairie dogs tortise jackrabbit snakes dry prairie info plants in dry prairies low shrub fetterbush runner oak grasses chipmunk cone flower temperatures Mainly bordering deserts and bottom of florida. If it received less rain, the dry prairies would be classified as a desert.Temperatures in a dry prairie are to dry to support a forest but not dry enough to be deserts harebell abiotic factors 1.the sun helps with photosynthesis
2.Fire helps the population of trees
3.rain gives water to plants and animals that live there biotic factors 1.plants
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