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The Journey of My Mom

No description

Mahek Marker

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of The Journey of My Mom

The Journey of my mom's life
The journey of my mom's life
Full name
: Anita Paresh Marker
How it was chosen?
: in 1967 her dad was a watching a movie and one of the character's name in the movie was "Anita" and got the idea from there
: on May 29th in a hospital in Mumbai, India
Favorite color
: Red
Favorite type of food
: Chinese food
-Favorite sport
: is Badminton
: watching movies, listening to music and sewing
Recent, couple jobs she had
: First Brampton Guardian, the Canadian Tire and then Zellers
Crops, Culture, Celebration
Current family
Between her four siblings, she's
the second oldest from her family. All of them were just one age difference from each other. First is her older sister (Kiran), her younger sister (Meena), and then her younger brother (Rajesh). And the her mom and dad (Nirmala, her mom and Motilal, her dad).
Her growing up family
In her current family she has
a daughter named Mahek born in 2002, a
son named Ron born in 1995 and a husband named Paresh, born in 1964.
Her son's name was chosen because his full name is Ronak and in her language it means brightness. So she thought he would bring a lot of that to the family, so that's how his name was chosen.
My name, Mahek, which means beautiful fragrance and thought it would fit me well.
How my mom met my dad was at a wedding. Their parents knew each other at first so then they made, so it was an arranged marriage, as how it is done in India, but they still love each other. They were married in 1994, on March 15
Her parents are very hardworking. They always try their best for the family. Whenever she would get upset, her dad would always be the first to cheer her up and she would love that. Once her parents got a pet dog for them in 1977. She and her siblings were so scared of it that they would climb out the window and hide. But later on, they spent some time with it and started to love it and it became part of the family. Her parents met each other the same way she herself did and my dad. They met at a wedding and got married to each other. Her family's home language is Gujarati and also English.
Before she was born, her mom first lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. Then when she turned four, she and her family emigrated to Mumbai, India in 1945 and lived there. It took her four whole months to reach there because at that time, they would travel by ships. Then when my mom grew up and got married, they immigrated to Canada on June 10th in 2000.
Near my mom's house, a lot of crops were grown such as: rice, wheat, veges and a lot more. She and her family would also eat many different types of foods like rice, grain, fish, chicken, veges, and many fruits and make some family recipes like indian foods like samosa's, paneer, dokhla and pulav. Also there were many drinks such as juices, milkshakes and a famous indian drink called "Lassi", a type of sweet and tasty and thick yogurt drink that I personally, absolutely LOVE!!! Also, her grandfather would actually raise animals like chickens, cows, buffaloes, goats and have his own farm with several animals.
Usually, whenever my mom would go to school, she would have school uniforms but sometimes, she would wear normal casual jeans and a shirt but sometimes on occasional days, she would wear a type of indian suit called Churidayr and sari's. It has a long dress on the top an stretchy pants on the bottom with a scarf around your neck. Also, in school, they would have one lesson to knit and make your own sweaters and clothes. Once she made a really pretty scarf and gifted it to her mom as a present.
Music and Dance
When my mom was young, she use to take a type of indian dance classes called "Bharatnatium". This dance uses a lot of facial expression and energy. Also, she would take "folk dancing. She would love dancing to indian hindi songs. Her favorite indian singer's name is Lathamangashka. At school, she would attend many musical trips and concerts.
In the indian culture, their are many many celebrations that my mom's family would celebrate. Some of them were Diwali, where you celebrate the festival of lights and people believe that god would visit your house, which is my mom's favorite. Holly, where you celebrate by throwing colorful powders at each other. Garba, where you dance with holding two sticks in your hands and hitting them both against each other and Rakshabandhan, where the sister ties a ecorated thread on the brother and in return to show the brother's love, he gives a present to the sister to show that they will protect the sister for the rest of his life! For decoration, they would always first keep their house clean. Sometimes for Diwali, for a decoration, they would take colored powders and make fancy designs with them called "Rangoli". Then they would take little, small pot called "Diya's" and put a small candle in it and light it and put it around the house. Also they would visit friends houses and exchange sweets with each other. Which I still love doing with my mom.
Hi everyone! Today I'll be talking about my interview I did with my mom. Hope you enjoy!
South Africa
Schools and Houses
Her House
Her house growing up was a two bedroom apartment. She had to share her room because she had a lot of siblings. But then when she grew up, she got her own room. She had many chores as a kid to do, she had to broom the house, wash the dishes, clean her room and help her mom prepare lunch, but mostly she had a servant to do most of the chores. In their house, they wouldn't have any heater because in Mumbai, India its really hot there. But they did have things like indoor plumbing, television, electricity, telephone and radio.
She would use to go to a school in India called Convent Girls High School. The school was run by a nun. It was an only girls school and she would LOVE going to school. Her favorite subject would be psychology and her favorite year would be in grade 7. In school, she use to participate in a group called the green team. They would play activities and compete in sports with other schools.
Weather Experiences
In India, they only had three seasons, summer, a sprinkle of winter and monsoon. It would rain a lot in India, their are many floods that happen and many big storms. It would flood the roads which would affect their transportation. Sometimes, their would be so much rain, instead of snow day (as we call it here) they would have a rainy day and not go to school.
Some Interesting, Funny And Sad Stories
One thing that I got really fascinated by is apparently my great grandfather use to own a sweets shop. Then when he passed away, he passed it on to his son, which is my grandpa. The shop is so good, that Bollywood celebrities would meet him and buy things from there. And her mom was just a housewife taking care of children including my mom.
One thing that my mom would always laugh at when she was a kid is whenever her grandmother would come out of the shower, her face was always full of beauty cream and my mom thought she looked really funny like that and would make her laugh her head off!
For a fact, I learned that every Sunday, her family would always go and watch the latest movie. Back in the days, my mom said that for one ticket the cost is 8 rupees, if you convert it to canadian, it would only be 14cents.
Sometimes, my mom had some happy moments, and sometimes she had sad moments and some great struggles. One of her special moments was when she had gotten married to my dad but she was really sad when she had to move away from her family and line on her own. Some struggles for her is when she moved Canada. She was trying to get use to the new country. But one of her scariest moments is when my mom and dad had to take the canadian immigration interview and starting a new life in a new country.
One of her biggest accomplishments as a kid was finally moving to Canada and starting herself a new life. Also one of her most special moments is her grade 10 farewell party, she and her friends were finally going to a new year and she was really excited.
Thank you for listening to my presentation!
Hope you
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