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Ophelia's Playlist

No description

Harsirat Bhullar

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Ophelia's Playlist

Ophelia's Playlist This song is in my playlist because I don't know
how to make Hamlet love me. He is so mean to
me all the time. He hurts my feelings. If I can
understand him, he should make an effort to understand me as well. He hurts my feelings so much and i have a feeling he does it intentionally. What is This song means a lot to me because
no matter how much Hamlet gets mad at me
or I get mad at him, I will always love him.
It is in my playlist because it reminds me to
look at his qualities and overlook his flaws.
It reminds me to unconditionally love him
the way he loved me, It reminds me of all the
times we spent together. I will always love you. I have this song in my playlist for myself. I can relate to each and every word of the song. I am obedient to my father and brother and i am loyal to Hamlet, but no one notices me when i am hurting. Nobody sees my suffering. I consider myself as a hero, who gets no appreciation. Save the hero. This song sums up the feelings i have
for Hamlet when he shouted at me
in the castle. He said he was through
with me, but when one day i won't be
here anymore he will cry me a river.
He said i drove him crazy and that i didn't
love him, he didn't think about what it will
do to me. He did not think once before
hurting my feelings. Cry me a river. Love ? - Haddaway - Whitney Houston - Beyonce -Julie London Crazy Am I crazy ? losing my father and being away from the love of my life and brother is being crazy ? wanting a little help is being crazy ? I don't think so.
This song is perfect for me because everybody keeps calling me crazy, for no good reasons. I am not crazy -Gnarls Barkley Note : The paragraphs are written from Ophelia's point of view Trouble I knew Hamlet was trouble when he walked in through the lobby doors. I knew something bad was about to happen. I knew Hamlet was a hot head but i did not think he would turn on me like that, for all that i have done for him. -Taylor Swift It will Rain. I know most the songs i mentioned before tell about negative feelings i have for Hamlet, but not this one...
I wish Hamlet listens to this song, it tells exactly how i would feel if left me. I would be hard for me to breathe. I love him so much even if we fight, if he doesn't talk to me after that it ruins my day. -Bruno Mars This song is in my playlist because this song is about MY feelings, I feel sad because i have no one. No one notices my tears or my sufferings as i mentioned earlier. Am i Blue? HEARTLESS This song describes Hamlet's state of mind to me. Imagine this song in a female version and the guy being the one who is heartless. Hamlet keeps ignoring me, he hangs out with his friends but he refuses take his gifts back. He made a fool out of me at the play. He was the cold one. -Kanye West
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