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American Idealism & the Road to Revolution

The events leading to and causing the American Revolution

Ben Bailey

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of American Idealism & the Road to Revolution

Fighting Brings Unity in America:
Proclamation of 1763 sets boarders on Western edge of Colonies.
The Road to the American Revolution
Early attempts to join together:
New Taxes, but no Representation:
Boston Massacre!
The Boston Tea Party!
The Shot Heard 'Round the World:
The Battle of Lexington & Concorde: April 19, 1775
Tensions Boil Over:
Evolution of American Idealism
The Magna Carta; 1215
Pilgrims' Mayflower Compact; 1620
John Locke; mid-1600's
Thomas Paine; Common Sense; America: 1776
Franklin's "Albany Plan of Union"; 1754
The Declaration of Independence.
French & Indian War: 1754-1756-1763.
Brings "Red Coats" from England to fight.
Soldiers don't leave when war is over.
Take land, build forts, raise taxes,
Previous taxes and controls were not enforced.
What are the founding IDEALS of the U.S.A.?
Colonies had own governments since 1619.
Great differences between the Colonies: Religion, slavery, climate, crops, etc...
March 5, 1770
December 16, 1773
What is America?
The King had to give rights to his Barons!
Property ownership
No slavery to the king
Fair legal treatment
Judgement by peers
A promise to make good laws in the interest of those the laws affect.
The Law of Nature, Natural Rights
Private vs. Public Property
Consent, Political Obligation, and the Purpose of Government
Builds on Previous to argue:
Create own Democratic Republic
Americans are used to being alone, but still British
Raw Materials
Manufactured Goods
Incident in Boston:
~ or ~
Punishment by the Government
Separation of Powers
Tolerance of Religion, Religious Influences on Government
The Great Awakening; 1730's-1740's
Personal Salvation
New Denominations
Somewhat "Rebellious" in Nature
God > King
Colonists settle westward, run into French.
Spain enters the war to keep balance of colonial power in the Americas.
Britain wins, Treaty of Paris settles the disputes.
From 1763 - 1775, a line of TEN causes of the American Revolution:
But WHERE did these American Ideals come from?
Raw Materials
Proclamation of 1763
Sugar Act, 1764
Quartering Act, 1765
Stamp Act, 1765
Townshend Act, 1767
Boston "Massacre", 1770
Boston "Tea Party", 1773
Intolerable Acts, 1774
Continental Congress, 1774
Lexington & Concord, 1775
The British react and the Colonists stand up against them...
1775, the Second Continental Congress
1. Send officials to England for Representation
2. Set up Militias, armories, training
3. One last try: The Olive Branch Petition
Committees of Correspondence
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