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Google AdWords

No description

Gunthar Lundie

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is Google's main advertising product and main source
of revenue.
Google's text advertisements are short, consisting of one headline of 25
characters and two additional text lines of 35 characters each.

Google's total advertising revenues were $43 billion in 2012.
AdWords offers:
·Cost-per-click (CPC) advertising
·Cost-per-mille (CPM) advertising
·Site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads.
How to set up Google AdWords
Create an account:
- Visit https://adwords.google.com and click start now.
-Enter your e-mail address, make a password, select a time zone and currency, and then confirm e-mail.
-If you need more help creating your account you can call 1-877-721-1738.
2.Create your first ad:

- First you choose where you want your ad to appear: you can choose
a location on a website and to show on devices like smartphones and
personal computers. There are default settings made for you that you can
choose as well.
-Figure out your budget: decide how much you want to pay each time
someone clicks on your ad, set a maximum amount that you want to pay a
-Write your ad: write a headline and short description.
-Choose some words or keywords that will make your ad show in searches:
your ad can show up when people search Google using words that are in
your ads. Depending on the options you selected when setting up they can
also see your ads on partnered sites with Google.
In three simple steps
3.Activate your account:
-To run your ad you need to add your billing information.
-You can pause, edit, or cancel your ads at any time so you won’t be tied to a commitment
- Yours ads usually start appearing after you enter your information

Google only charges clients of Adwords for every click on their ad.
The client can specify how much their budget is per day between 1 US cent to $100 dollars per click.
Late payments can result in the removal of your ad from the Google web engine.
Google does not disclose the performance of other companies that may have the same service or product as yours.
At the minimum, the copy space for Adwords is 70 characters only so choose your words carefully to maximize effect.
Adwords is available in 41 different languages.
About 97% of Google's revenue come from different types of advertising.
As of spring 2011, over 1.2 million businesses are using google for advertisement.

1.Adwords believes that about 80% of Internet users can be reached through its advertising on the Google Search Engine.
2. Clients control the cost of their ad; it can be anywhere from $1 to $100 per click.
3. Adwords provides customers with information and answers about what they’re searching, while helping the client to sell their product or service.
4. Changing Adwords is free and Google is capable of tracking trends to ensure clients are always using the appropriate Adwords to appeal to their customers.
5. Adwords has many tools, such as tutorials, to help new clients start up their advertising.
1. Every visitor to the client’s website through Adwords is a charge to
the company – regardless of if the customer makes a purchase.
2. If payments aren’t made, Adwords can remove your presence from
3. There’s no online data comparison between Google Adwords and
other similar services.
4. Customers may have to search very specific information in order for
the client’s Adwords to appear in their search engine.
5. There are many alternatives to bring new customers to a client’s
website (such as email, word of mouth, and instant messenger).
6. There is a 70 character maximum, so clients must ensure they use
words that maximize their Adwords space.
AdWords Express
Optimized for small business.
Simplest way to begin using Google AdWords.
Same benifits but "They" do all the work
As much as 400% cpp markup
Other pitfalls.









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