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Nigeria and Northern Ireland Conflicts

for APHUG P4

Angela Lorenzana

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Nigeria and Northern Ireland Conflicts

A Look into the Similarities and Differences between Nigeria and Northern Ireland's Conflicts
Northern Ireland
-Small clusters of opposing groups made up the conflict, not divided by region
-Separated activity spaces
-Treated all Catholics harshly with right removal on property
-Northern Ireland Assembly was reinstated, which brought peace in 2007
-The worst violence occurred in central region, with 1000 people killed
-Infertile land and low fertile lands cause conflict as well
-Separated into the North with Muslims and South with Christians
-Religious and economic conflict (between previously said religions and cattle herding and farming - North and South respectively)
Similarities Between Both
-Both involved violence to defend land rights
-Resource conflicts
-Rebellions occurred frequently during these times, with an emphasis on freedom and equal rights
Angela Lorenzana P4
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