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Isabel Martin

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Quakers

Religon Project 8-5
Miss Tucker <3

By: Isabel Martin and Ainsley Laing
Quaker communal worship consists of silent waiting with participants contributing as the spirit moves them.
Important People
Geogre Fox:
Founder of the religious society of Friends or Quakers.

John Wollman:
1700's Quaker preacher in America who convined Quakers to become abolitionists.

Daisy Douglas Barr:
Quaker pastor; influential Ku Klux Klan leader.

John Wimber:
Former Quaker who became the second leader of the Vineyard Movement and the Vineyard Churches religious body.

Quakers refer to themselves as "Friends"
-Quakers began migrating from England to Pennsylvania during later part of the 1600s.
-William Peen, who founded Pennsylvania was a Quaker who sought to live as brothers with American Indians already inhabiting the area.
- Berks County Quaker organization are the reading monthly meeting and the Exeter monthly meeting.

Holy Books and Holy days
Quakers do not take part in any Holy days or Christain Fesitivals such as Easter and Christmas because they belive the God is within us all, and we should not celebrate these days as God is within us. Having outward displays are not necessary. Also Quakers do not have any Holy Booksw because Quakers regard any book as the actual word of God.
There is about 350,000 adult members of Quakers meetings world wide.

The Founder of the religon is named Geogre
Fox, The Quaker religon
started after they separated
from the Chruch of England
in the mid-17 centry.

Some Countries Quakers live in:

South Africa Czech Republic
Middle East Greece
Britain Ireland North America
Finland Norway South America
Germany Russia etc....
Spain Sweden
Interesting Facts
Religious Clothes
Quaker Symbole
thank you
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