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Budget Cuts and Extracurricular Activities

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Riley Huntington

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Budget Cuts and Extracurricular Activities

Budget Cuts and Extracurricular Activities
Link between after school activities and graduating high school, going to college and becoming a responsible citizen
Does the good student flock to extracurriculars or do the extracurriculars make the good?

Budget Cuts
26 states providing less for the 2012-2013 school year than they did the previous year
Arizona, Alabama and Oklahoma have reduced funding by more than 20%
Cuts hinder ability of schools to deliver high-quality education
Arizona cut $183 million, New York cut more than $1 billion, Colorado cut $250 million
Adams 12 District, Denver
laid off non-teacher staff, shrunk programs, reduced benefits
$500,000 away from student activities
Funds could not cover $304 million dollar shortfall
Open the school year without paper, books, a librarian, secretaries
No athletics, music, art
3,000 layoffs
With all these budget cuts should schools pay attention to extracurricular activities?

Relationship Between Good Students and Extracurricular Activities
Spend more time with an adult
Enjoy school more
Have better time-management skills, better focus and more self-discipline
Are introduced to new ideas/interests/hobbies, discover and develop new talents
Have less behavior problems
Students with an Extracurricular Activity....
Activities that do not fall into the realm of normal curriculum in schools
Sports, clubs, student council, yearbook, theater, etc.
Music and arts are treated like extracurriculars
Margo Gardner
Odds of attending college 97% higher for kids taking part in after-school activities for 2 years than those who didn't participate
Odds of completing college are 179% higher
Odds of voting 8 years after high school are 31% higher
National Center for Education Statistics
Involved High School Seniors less likely to cut class
Three times as many had a GPA of 3.0 or higher, 68% expected to get a college degree
"In the Context of Risk..." by Michael Wooley
Interest, feelings of connectedness, motivation, attendance participation in education activities, effort, social interaction
Engagement predicts academic achievement
Measuring engagement
asked about participation in after-school activities
What Future Employers Want
Communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, flexibility, creativity
Music's impact on these attributes
Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)
Data on Music
College Entrance Examination Board
students involved with music score 50-100 points higher than those not enrolled (2004)
US Dept. of Education
students involved with music in middle school and high school show significantly higher levels of proficiency in math by grade 12
Regardless of background, music students score higher on standardized tests
Back to Budget
Costs for extracurricular activities are hard to estimate
Schools are at risk for cutting all sports and clubs
Some schools dependent on philanthropy, parents organizations, charging students for activities
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