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Lesson Structure and Pacing

No description

Marjorie Manuel

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Lesson Structure and Pacing

Lesson Structure and Pacing
Sept. 24, 2013

Think about the modeling strategy implemented last week…

How did you decide which portion of the lesson to model?

Text Rendering
Lesson Structure and Pacing

By the end of this cluster meeting, teachers will familiarize themselves with the indicator Lesson Structure and Pacing and its descriptors, as well as develop strategies to effectively pace lessons.

Cluster Outcome
Text Rendering
Student Survey
Five Steps for Effective Learning
Gradual Release Model
Try Me Lesson
Development of Lesson
Follow up Schedule
Round Robin

1. What is your favorite line in the article? Why?
2. What strategies stated in the article have you used?
3. What strategies would you like to try?

Lesson Structure and Pacing

Text Rendering

Student Survey # 1
1) What is it like when you feel lost in class and the teacher goes too fast?

Student Survey #2
2) What does it feel like when class moves too slowly?

Five Steps for Effective Learning
Lesson Structure

Gradual Release Model
Gradual Release Model

Look fors
Critical Attributes
How each segment of the lesson is planned
How the lesson included the Five Steps of Effective Learning
The factors that affect the segmenting and pacing of the lesson
Try Me Lesson
Guiding Questions
1. Does the lesson structure include the Five Steps for Effective Learning?

2. What instrument/method will be used to identify student pace?

3. Is the pace of the lesson appropriate for students who progress at different learning rates?
Development Time
1. What can you do differently to structure and pace lessons appropriately for your students?

2. How can students benefit from a lesson that is properly structured and appropriately paced?

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