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Architecture 3.0

how technology is taking the world of design into a whole new dimension

Krigh Bachmann

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Architecture 3.0

how technology is taking the world of design into a whole new dimension Architecture 3.0 Krigh(.co.uk) Bachmann designer by day photographer by night geek always 43 offices
3,400 staff
Gensler works in 86 countries
20 specialist Practice Areas
26 of the 45 largest companies in the global tech sector are Gensler clients
2250 client relationships in 2011
62 of the global Fortune 100 companies are Gensler clients
56 of the EU’s 148 Global Fortune 500 companies are Gensler clients architecture timeline Hand drafting
& reprographics 3D CAD visualization Architectural Desktop Email & Networking 2D CAD drafting 1980's 1990's 2000's 2010 and Beyond... 1970's Parametric Design Mobility Real Time Visualization Cloud computing Building Information
Modeling Global collaboration What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)? It’s the next step in capturing a virtual version of a built environment BIM is generic and more than just software parametrically-defined interacting building objects B M how this impacts our world of design? Encourages collaboration Encourages more thought upfront We have gone from drawing to databases It’s letting designer focus more on design v1.0 v2.0 v3.0 Parametric Design What is it? Drive your architecture through parameters and equations How to Design Parametrically? Business as usual?
We are virtually building our project... what happens with that information?

building on a legacy of technical tools are we an industry poised for disruption? Information
Analysis Adapt your design to parameters Fabrication and Assembly Energy Modeling and Sustainable Performance Visualisations Quantity Take offs Construction Documents
(Drawings & Specifications) Grow your architecture Parametric Space Planning? Analysis of Office Interiors? Thank you! Krigh(.co.uk) Bachmann @krigh krigh How efficient is this design? we need tools for design not technicians ? Virtual city? Possibilities The result of a conversation between a tech company and a design firm... Solar Study OR OR A new paradigm Why can I learn more about the stats of: My Bike Ride My babies sleep ...than I can about a floor plan I'm working on in tech & design world Visions of a digital habitat survey WPI SURVEY "Leveraging new and innovative technologies to improve both the designs my team produces and the method by which they are created." tech design 1987 2007
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