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Module 1

No description

kassandra larios

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Module 1

Module 1
Group A
Our Readings:
Saudis in Bikinis
by Nicholas D. Kristof
Why Women Smile
by Amy Cunningham
Taking Women Students Seriously
by Adrienne Rich
Celeste Silva, Monica Pajarito, Kassandra Larios, Donavon Lyle, Xavier Scott
Why Women Smile
First appeared in
magazine in

Explains that women were taught and eventually programmed to smile in all situations
"The average American woman's smile often has less to do with her actual state of happiness than it does with the social pressure to smile no matter what..." (Cunningham 191)
describes different types of smiles and origins
emphasizes that women smile to show submissiveness
Saudis in Bikinis
First published October 25, 2002 in
The New York Times
Kristof records series of interviews he made to Saudi Arabian women about the wearing of the traditional Abaya
Collected opinions from typical women at the mall to the first female college dean in Saudi Arabia
Received mostly negative and defensive responses
Clearly expresses his opposition to the Abaya-wearing tradition using strong and confrontational language:
- "I spotted a surreal scene: three giggly black ghosts..." (Kristof 272)
-"If most Saudi Arabian women want to wear a tent, if they don't want to drive then that's fine." (Kristof 273)
- "If Saudi Arabians choose to kill their economic development and sacrifice international respect by clinging to the 15 century, if the women prefer to remain second-class citizens, then I suppose that's their choice." (Kristof 273)
Taking Women Students Seriously
Our Reactions!
Magazine targeted women over 35
Speech given in
New Jersey College
University Coalition on Women's Education on
May 9, 1978 (Norton Readr 13th Edition)
reprinted in

On Lies, Secrets, and Silence: Selected Prose
, 1966-1978 (1979)
Rich explains her background- was educated in schools directed by men
emphasizes on individualism of women and how women skills can surpass those of men
expresses a strong sense of animosity towards current issue
states how women can potentially accomplish more than expected and be greater than men if necessary steps are taken
title unites the reading's common concept of women's suppressive role in society and their fight against it
readings argument women's inequality from personal stand point (
Cunningham, Rich
) to third party point of view (
reading express ideas towards obtaining women's rights
What Rhetorical Modes Did We Find?
Between the Works:
, and/ or
Spiritual Content
Emerges in the Works?
Important Vocabulary Terms
"Damsels in Supress"
What About the Work Did You Find Shocking, Ironic, Profound, Difficult to Accept, or Generally Challenging?
Irony: Saudi Arabian women do not feel repressed yet they are unable to wear the clothing of their choice ex. a bikini
Profound: Both Why Women Smile and Taking Women Students Seriously effectively reflect a women's point of view of inequality between men and women
Difficult to Accept: harsh approach that Adrienne Rich used to get point across; disagreement with the argument some authors presented
could relate
readings give a sense of "power"
revealed the stagnation of women individualism
realized women remain attached to "old ways"
Kristof mocks Saudi Arabian women culture
Kristof pushes western culture on Saudi Arabia
women are not valued equally as men
ambivalent views
Reading is...
1. Narration: Cunningham and Rich briefly speak about their lives
2. Description and Expository: authors describe and inform about the current situation that a certain type of woman is found in
3. Argumentation: authors present an argument about why women remain undervalued
4. Compare and Contrast: Women are compared and/or contrasted to other men and/or women
5. Cause and Effect: authors explain that lack of effort to end inequality between men and women is keeping women in an inferior position
all works are feminist
all works center around the idea of women vs society and/or men
all works come from around the same region
2 works were published in New York
2 of the authors speak from personal stand point
audience of the works were generally literate and highly opinionated people
religion: Saudi Arabia
culture: western culture/ middle eastern
equality: strive for equality between genders
political: countries dominated by men
Saudis in Bikinis by
Nicholas D. Kristof:
: essence of this work; the Saudi Arabian woman's identity
: author's argument of Saudi Arabian women
: defines point of view spoken of
Why Women Smile
by Amy Cunningham:
: smile became wired
: smiling is how women sell themselves to society
: occult meaning behind a woman's smile
Taking Women Students Seriously
by Adrienne Rich
: Rich's opinion on how women are
: Rich's view of society being equal
for both men and women
: difference between a women's
appearance and mind is "absolute" (Rich 391)
Taking Women Students Seriously

by Adrienne Rich
Rich effectively conveys personal opinion
causes strong reaction
informs well on a current issue
motivates reader
made us "think"/reflect
Why Should
Read It?
-Because it gives valuable insight of the issue of women being treated unequally that society may or may not be aware of!
Interesting slogan: "For the Woman Who Wasn't Born Yesterday"
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