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Copy of Copy of PW slide 2


yuhui feng

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of PW slide 2

What is the significance of the self-imposed isolation of Vittorio's grandfather?
How is he marginalized himself?

Essay map:
Vittorio's grandfather marginalized himself by seal off himself from others
The self-imposed of Vittorio's grandfather intensify the tragic fate of Cristina
Vittorio's grandfather marginalized himself by seal off himself from others
point 1

He always goes to Di Lucci's bar alone and rarely come back home
“In fact my grandfather was seldom at home now, leaving the house early in the morning to go to Di Lucci's and coming back only for meals, when he seldom spoke,retreating more and more each day into his grim silence" (Ricci 74).
It can be seen that Vittorio's grandfather avoid seeing Cristina by staying at Di Lucci's bar
Point 2
He always stays alone and does not talk to others
“my grandfather,though, sat by saying little,downing glasses of brandy in quick gulps” (Ricci 148).
This shows that Vittorio's grandfather wall himself off gradually,shutting himself away from others and refusing communicate with others
Point 3
Vittorio's grandfather resigns his position as mayor
“It's not for an old cripple like me to be involved in politics' he'd said. ‘There are plenty of young men anxious to take y place .Let one of them step forward.’ ” (Ricci 80).
He leaves the position as mayor because he thinks he is not qualified to be a mayor
The self-imposed isolation of Vittorio's grandfather Intensify the tragic fate of Cristina
Cristina's father distance distance himself to Cristina because he feels shame about her
Point 1
“Meal times were the worst. Sometimes my grandfather would not come home at all,though I'd gone up to Di Lucci's to call him, and my mother and I would wait in silence for half an hour or more, the table set, before sitting down to eat without him. When he did come he remained walled up in his stony silence, his head bowed over his plate,while my mother sat turned away from his crosswise, her legs never under the table,as if she expected at any moment to have rise up suddenly on some errand” (Ricci 133).
For this reason, the relationship between Cristina and her father has been ruined
Point 2
Vittorio's grandfather marginalized himself because Cristina ruined his reputation
“You've killed me Cristina, you killed your mother whe you were born and now you've killed me, as surely as if you'd pulled a knife across my throat. In all my days I've never rasied a hand against you but now I wish to God I'd locked you in the stable and rasied you with the pigs, that you'd died and rotted in the womb, tha you hadn't lived long enough to bring this disarace on my name” (Ricci 149).
It is all Crisina's fault that makes her father being marginalized. As a result, Cristina ruined her father's life.
Point 3
Vittorio's grandfather marginalized himself from villagers because he is hurt by them
“When the members of the
had come to our door for
la questua
, my grandfather, instead of inviting them in, as he usually did, for a glass of
, had simply handed them the usual donation without fanfare, and they had come and gone without so much as sitting themselves at our table” (Ricci 74).
It can be seen that vittorio's grandfather has been abandoned by the villagers. Although he pays a lot for the villagers, he still being marginalized by them.
Works Cited
Ricci, Nino.
Lives of the saints.
Dunvegan, Ont,
Canada: Cormorant Books, 1900. Print.

What is the main reason that makes Vittorio's grandfather marginalized himself ?
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