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Poverty's Impact on Our Students

No description

Haile Hams

on 7 December 2017

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Transcript of Poverty's Impact on Our Students

Poverty's Impact on Our Students
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Affects of Poverty on a Developing Brain
Poverty in the classroom
Build respectful relationship with all students (Jenson, 2014)
Allow time for physical movement (Jenson, 2014)
Teach emotional skills (National Education Association, 2016)
Use mindfulness (National Education Association, 2016)
Building Vocabulary (Jenson, 2014)
Teaching strategies that negate the negative impacts of poverty on students
Resources with more teaching strategies to help students living in poverty
(PBS Newshour, 2015)
More information on how poverty effects a child's development and education:
"The Effects of Poverty on Children" By Jeanne Brooks-Gunn and Gregg J. Duncan (1997- A study that explores the complex relationship between family income and child outcomes. http://www.jstor.org.ezproxy.uvm.edu/stable/pdf/1602387.pdf

"How Does Poverty Influence Learning" By William Parrett and Kathleen Budge (2016)- An article that discusses how factors affected by poverty present itself in the classroom.https://www.edutopia.org/blog/how-does-poverty-influence-learning-william-parrett-kathleen-budge

"How Living in Poverty Affects Children's Brain Development" by Brandi Thomas (2016)- This article describes various ways living in poverty affects a child's brain. https://today.duke.edu/2016/10/how-living-poverty-affects-children%E2%80%99s-brain-development

Who’s poor in America? 50 years into the ‘War on Poverty,’ a data portrait By Drew Desilver (2014)- This article shows how child poverty in the U.S has changed over the last 50 years, and gives shocking statistics about child poverty. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/01/13/whos-poor-in-america-50-years-into-the-war-on-poverty-a-data-portrait/

Teaching with Poverty in Mind, Chapter 2, "How Poverty Affects behavior and Academic Performance" by Eric Jenson (2009)- This chapter from Jensons book describes the affects poverty can have on behavior in the classroom and discusses how to negate the effects of poverty.

"The Concentration of Poverty in American Schools" by Janie Boschma and Ronald Brownstein(2016)- This article describes the relationship between race and poverty and how the two relate to education.

Lowers student engagement (Jenson, 2013)
Inability to concentrate (Jenson, 2013)
Smaller vocabulary (Jenson, 2013)
Poor stress management strategies (National Education Association, 2016)
"What Schools Can Do to Address Poverty" by William Parret & Kathleen Budge- This article describes what the whole school can do to support students living in poverty, and the teachers teaching them.

Leading Learning for Children From Poverty by Cynthia Johnson ()- This article offers 6 ways educators can help students living in poverty succeed.

"Nine Powerful Practices" by Ruby Payne- Payne offers nine strategies that raise achievment of students of low socioeconomic status.

"How Poverty Affects Classroom Engagement" by Eric Jenson (2014)- This article offers many ways that students who live in poverty are disengaged from curriculum and offers solutions for each way.

"Building Pedagogy of Engagement for Students in Poverty" By Paul C. Gorski (2013)- In this article Gorski offers new and different strategies in helping improve our impoverished students achievements, and offers differing levels of strategies. http://edchange.org/publications/PDK-Pedagogy-of-Engagement.pdf
Why is it important to pay close attention to students in poverty?
The statistics:
40% of students living below federal poverty line are not ready to enter kindergarten (Goins, 2014)
Students living in poverty are 30% more likely to drop out of high school ( Goins 2014)
"By the end of the fourth grade, children from low-income families score two years below grade level; by 12th grade that delay has increased to four years below their peers" (Goins, 2014)
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