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Mol-Darfur Genocide

The genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan

Ben Mol

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Mol-Darfur Genocide

Darfur Genocide Darfur region of Sudan 2003-Present February 2003 Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) Sudanese Government Janjaweed militia Take up arms against Non-Arab civilians Retaliate against Sudan is the largest country in Africa.
Darfur is a region in Sudan.
Sudan has an Arab-run government.
Government oppressed black Africans in favor of Arabs. Made up of Arab tribes
Supported and armed by the government. AND AND AND The War and the Genocide Government and Janjaweed are fighting SLA and JEM.
Also systematically killing and displacing non-Arab civilians.
Estimated 400,000 dead; 2,500,000 displaced. Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir Interview with Dr. Robert Yarborough
Missionary to Sudan.
Says that the people are always on the move.
Because they are moving, their way of life is uprooted. Farmers and Herders.
What the Rest of the World is Doing United States Only country that has labeled it a genocide.
Has not militarily intervened.
Financially supports aid organizations United Nations Has not called it a genocide.
Sent forces to merge with a 7,000 unit African Union force in Darfur. Formed the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), which has 26,000 personnel.
Unable to do much due to China. Interview with Dr. Robert Yarborough The aid programs are the best thing the world has done there.
The government does and says what they want. If they say nothing is happening (which they do), that is what a great deal of the world believes.
If the US sent troops in, would be considered an invasion; turn into another war like Iraq or Afghanistan.
China has many interests in Sudan. Also has a vote on the UN council. The UN's hands are tied because if they tried to do anything major, China would prevent it using their influence. 2010 Election Sudan election held from 11 April to 15 April 2010.
Omar al-Bashir was reelected.
The genocide is ongoing. It's not going to stop anytime soon if nothing is done. It's up to the nations of the world to stop this catastrophe, before it's too late. In Darfur, the government, led by Omar al-Bashir, and the Janjaweed militia are trying to exterminate non-Arab citizens because they feel Arabs are the rightful residents of Sudan; the rest of the world is helping in the form of aid organizations, but they are not helping militarily due to the Sudanese government's official position and China's interference. Thesis Statement Prosecuted by International Criminal Court and formally charged with ten war crimes.
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