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Heretical Theme Feminist Art Prezi Project Instructions

Prezi assignment instructions for Feminist Art Theory Power Course

CK Magliola

on 5 November 2018

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Transcript of Heretical Theme Feminist Art Prezi Project Instructions

Curate an

what does it mean
to curate an exhibit?

“A good curator does thorough research and archiving
about society phenomena, while organizing
an interesting program to guide audiences you want to speak to.”
--Curator, Kwanyi Pan
Writing well is a necessary skill for an art curator.
Think of the idea and overall theme for your exhibition. What are the best, most important selections to express your Heretical Theme? What is your purpose?
Organized around a "Heretical Theme"
You must use artwork from 4 different artists
what heretical theme will you choose???
or... your group may come up
with your own "heretical theme"
with instructor-approval
2 artists of the 70s Feminist Art Movement from our class materials.
1 artist of pre- or post-70s Feminist Art Movement from our class materials.
1 contemporary feminist artist from outside class materials.
In-Class Group Prezis
10 minutes (+5 min. for questions).
Total group time not to exceed 15 minutes.
Every member must take part.
Your Prezi must contain a BIBLIOGRAPHY section for
every image
& all information
all ARTWORK must be identified: artist-title-date-media (collection, if available)
all texts cited in ASA format
3 students per group
Good Collaboration is a must.

Peer Evaluation Forms due on day of presentation
like this

•Slinger, Penelope. Sigh of the Rose (1977) photographic collage on card, 50 x 35 cm. [Background Image]

•Bourgeois, Louise. Seven in Bed (2001) fabric, stainless steel, glass and wood, 172.7 x 85.0 x 87.6 cm, 29.2 x 53.3 x 53.3 cm [Frame 7]
Frame 1: Background Image: Slinger, Penny. Sigh of the Rose (1977). Source: http://www.riflemaker.org/s-penelope-slinger
Frame 2: Museum Picture. Source: http://www.bethkanter.org/content-curation-101/
Frame 3: Text excerpted from http://fineart.about.com/od/Curator/ss/Curating-A-Show-In-10-Easy-Steps-A-Step-By-Step-Guide-For-Art-Curators.htm; Curator Poster. Source: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/missionalshift/2012/06/curation-is-missional/
Frame 4: Heresies Group Picture. Source: http://heresiesfilmproject.org/archive/
Frame 7: Bourgeois, Louise. Seven in Bed (2001). Source: http://www.wikipaintings.org/en/louise-bourgeois/seven-in-bed-2001


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