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salina vang

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Humming Birds Cool Facts: "Small humming birds have faster rate."
"A humming birds heart beats 1260beats
per second." There are also white
humming birds."humming bird is the
symbol of the spreader of life on the
earth."Humming birds protects there
family by the heart of an eagle."The
small humming birds were at one time
flies that the sun father transformed one
day into little birds." Also humming birds
CAN talk to the gods!!! :) Pictures FOODS Do you know what humming birds eat? If you don't know then keep reading!!!
Humming birds eat sugar from bright color, an example are:pink,red,and orange.They also eat neuters from those bright colors.They eat small insects, like gnats ,flies, and ants. Home If you want to know where different kind of Humming birds live, then keep reading!!! Different humming birds live in different places! Some examples are "Black Chinned humming bird live in Western United States." "Allan's humming bird live on the coast California." Also, Lucifer was found in Texas,Arizona,and New Mexico."Ruby-Throat ed was found in Eastern North America."And "Calliope lives in the North Western United States." Humming birds can live anywhere that they can find foods.Some humming birds live in nest that are very tiny and camouflaged bump. Babies Do you know how many eggs does a humming birds lay in one day? If you don't know then keep reading!!! Humming birds lay 2 eggs in one day. You might think that's too small to lay, only 2 eggs in one day. "They incubates them for two weeks!" Humming birds hatch after 23 days.Humming birds eggs is as small as a jellybean!!!! PICTURES!!! By: Salina Vang:) Ummmm.... HI :) HAVE FUN AND ALSO....
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