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5 Themes of Geography:Europe Edition

The five themes of geography of Europe

Simran Jaisinghani

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography:Europe Edition

Location tells where a place is. It
could be absolute or relative.
Region is when several countries
or states have common features.
The absolute location of London, UK is
51.5171° N, 0.1062° W
Paris is east of the Bay of Biscay,
and south of the English Channel and
United Kingdom.
The Five Themes Of Geography
Place is an area's distinguishing characteristics; What make's it different.
Europe has four regions:Northern Europe,
Western Europe, Southern Europe, and
Eastern Europe.
United Kingdom has six regions:
North and South Scotland, Northern,
Central, and Southern England, and
In Paris, they are significant because they have the Eiffel Tower.
Human-Environment Interaction
In Greece, they have the Parthenon.
Movement is the migration
of people, animals, and plants.
Birds migrate to keep warm during Winter in the south and Summer in the north and Summer in the south and Winter in the north.
People may migrate because
of wars, lack of supplies, threats,
no job, and storms threatening
Human-Environment Interaction is how people change and are changed by the natural features of the earth.

If you cut down a tree, you interacted with the environment.
Humans created roads and trails in this large valley.
Human-Environment Interaction
Themes Of Geography

Christopher Columbus migrated from Europe to America, then back to Europe.
By: Scott Baker
Northern Europe
Western Europe
In Rome, Italy, they have The Colosseum
In London, they have the Tower Of London and Big Ben.
The longitude of Rome, Italy is
41.9000° N, 12.5000° E
Big Ben
Tower Of London
The Hoover Dam
was made by humans, which means they interacted with the environment.
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