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The Teaching of English in the K to 12 Curriculum

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John Paul Mendoza Bautista

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of The Teaching of English in the K to 12 Curriculum

The Teaching of English
in the
K to 12 Curriculum

The End Goals of English Language Teaching
The end goals of teaching and learning English are communicative competence and multiliteracies.
Assessment and feedback are essential elements of language teaching.
main processes that form part of the core of English language

1. Construction 4. Interaction
2. Spiral progression 5. Contextualization
3. Integration 6. Learner-centered instruction

Mother tongue based – Multi Lingual Education
The five macro skills that are found in MTB-MLE and Filipino frameworks are also found in the frameworks for English language teaching.

1. Listening 4. Writing
2. Speaking 5. Viewing
3. Reading

The Learning Area Standard
The Learning Area Standard specifies the intended outcomes of the English subject from K to 12. For English subject, the Learning Area Standard is:
The Key Stage Standards
Communicative competence is the student's ability to understand and use the language appropriately and correctly to communicate in authentic situations
The second goal of English language teaching is multiliteracies. The term comes from “
” and “
” and implies that text is
the only way to communicate.

Text is combined with sound and images. It is incorporated into movies, billboards, almost the site of the internet and television.

All these ways of communication require the ability to understand a multimedia world.
“The learner demonstrates mastery of the basic skills in the English Language Arts, communicates appropriately, fluently and orally and writes for a variety of purposes in different social and academic context at his/her level while carrying out real life tasks necessary to cope with the demands of a functionally literate and competent, local, national and global citizen.”
The Grade level standards spell out competencies from Grade 1 to Grade 12:
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