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Jason Elrod serves as President of Wake Up Now, Inc.

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Jasmine Brown

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Jason Elrod serves as President of Wake Up Now, Inc.

Jason Elrod serves as President of Wake Up Now, Inc.
Serves as Director of Sales at American Lighting, Inc and Director of Business Development at Clear Peak Energy, Inc.
Mr. Elrod has over a decade of commercial & residential real estate sales & development experience
As one of the top producers at Insight Land, he was responsible for over 350 million dollars in sales. Making him a mulitmillionaire at age 33.
We are A financial wellness company that helps people save manage and make money.
Wake Up Now does direct selling allowing people to get products at a discounted price, cash back and more...
CEO Kirby Cochran
Joined As the Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Prior to WakeUpNow, Kirby worked in venture capital, has led half a dozen investment funds and raised over $1 billion in equity and debt financing across various industries. He has closely consulted and/or participated in the funding of over 150 companies over the length of his career and has extensive experience investing in and developing emerging growth companies.
Taxbot, finance tools, as well as language learning programs and identity theft software.
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