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Transformation of Functions

The rules of function transformation.

Andrea Strong

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Transformation of Functions

Presented by: Andrea Strong Rules of Transformation Rules, Rules, Rules Addition Rules Subtraction Rules Fraction Rules Positive and Negative Rules How They Apply Extra Practice There are 7 rules in function transformation. "When you add inside the absolute value, the graph shifts to the left." When you subtract inside the absolute value, the graph moves to the right. Positive whole numbers, multiplied outside the absolute value, makes the graph taller. Fractions multiplied outside the absolute value widens the graph. Every rule and example shown can be translated to any function of x! There are addition rules. Positive and Negative Rules Subtraction Rules and Fraction Rules "When you add outside the absolute value, the graph shifts up." The Graphs When you subtract outside the absolute value, the graph moves down. The Graphs y = | x - 2 | Negative whole numbers, multiplied outside the absolute value, turn the graph upside down. The Graphs Ex: parabolas, y = (f) x These websites have practice questions, to make sure you fully understand. Test Your Skills! y = | x | - 2 y = - 2 | x | Original Graph: y = | x | y = | x + 2 | y = | x | + 2 Original Graph: y = | x | Easiest Ways To Remember "Inside: left, right. Outside: up, down" http://www.mathopolis.com/questions/q.php?id=555&site=1&ref=/sets/function-transformations.html&qs=555_556_557_558_1191_2440_1192_2441_2442 http://www.purplemath.com/modules/fcntranq.htm A Video On Transformations! y = 2 | x | Original Graph: y = | x | Original Graph: y = | x | The Graphs y = 1/2 | x | "Fractions are always wide" "NEGATIVES turn my graph upside down"
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