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OmVård Start-up day 2010

OmVård Start-up day 2010

Pontus Österberg

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of OmVård Start-up day 2010

Pontus Österberg
Tobias Rundbom
@tobiasrundbom How did it all start? This guy wanted to help a relative who had a problematic experience with health care and realized the difficulty of making an informed choice as a health care consumer. Collect published public data in one place and display on individual care provider level so that "normal people" can use it. The problem Our solution A service to help health care consumers to chose OmVård.se collects publicly reported statistics on individual health care providers (clinic level)

Gives users the possibility of comparing individual health care providers

Targeted users are patients/general public

Publishes articels and other media related to health care and patient rights because we have the right to chose our own care! Health care choice only in theory if we don't know what to chose between

Increased mobility over county borders due to "Health care guarantee"

Increased mobility over country borders in EU

Why don't we know what happens wiht our tax money and how we can make the most out of them? Organizations Format Open data in reality The milestones September 1st 2009 April 1st 2009 Nov - Dec 2009
The acknowledgement Social change hurts...
Status The lessons learned Project start Launch Best Swedish site of 2009 Health care IT-award Digital Patient Service 12 data sources
approx 1600 care providers
approx 40000 visitors/mo

More user input
More data sources
More active help in decision making
Develop own API Future Extension of scope of social change?
Act to open up more institutional data
Change of business model? Business model Initially
Let's make a community! If we get enough users, we will get revenues... Where are the APIs? Public data dosen't mean easy accessible

Public data doesn't mean easily interpreted

Public data definitely doesn't mean API

Public data means that if you ask the right person at the right time, you might get what you ask for!

Could making public data public be a business model?
Swedish Ministry of Health:

"We will set up an independent body of evaluation of health care quality.
This information should be packaged for the general public."

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR):

Launch of own website

Mission: To act as a catalyst in the information sharing of health care performance to the general public The politics Funding from lobby organisations is controversial - impact on relations with other stakeholders

Public debate is part of the game

Unfair competetion based on access to data - make the process hard for the new guys!

Direct contact with hot shots that runs organisations with huge impact on our social security "With free choice of care, bad things will happen!"

"It's our data!"

"Data should be open for comparisons - but only for people who are experts. And one really shouldn't compare!"

"This is not a task for commercial players!" ...but you can make a difference!
It will be easier for the next guy! Who should pay for the right of the health care consumer?
The counties - "Don't bother us, we will fix this!" Who else gains from patient empowerment?
...and can pay?
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