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Gulliver's Travels

Jonathan swift

Laura Pluckhan

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Gulliver's Travels

Budapest Gulliver's Travels Johnathan swift Part One As presented by: Laura Pluckhan Jonathan Swift Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

-Jonathan Swift Other Works A Tale of Tub
A Modest Proposal
Letters to Stella
Many poems and pamphlets Part 2 A Voyage to Brobdingnag A Voyage to Lilliput Part 3 A Voyage to Laputa, Balinibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubdubdrib, and Japan Part 4 A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms Critics The Strength of Swift's work as a contribution to the art of fiction lies in the... sources of the pleasure that children take in the book; the astonishing strokes of savage satire that are its chief attraction for their elders derive most of their force from that imperturbable innocence and quietude of manner that disarms suspicion. -Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh Gulliver Lilliputians Gulliver Brobdingnagians 6ft 60ft 6ft 6in Why it's a Classic In Swift's writings there is a false misanthropy grounded upon an exclusive contemplation of the vices and follies of mankind, and this misanthropic tone is also disfigured or brutalized by his own obtrusion of physical dirt and coarseness. I think that Gulliver's Travels the great work of Swift. -Samuel Taylor Coleridge [Swift's] delight was in simplicity. His sentences are never too much dilated or contracted; and it will not be easy to find any embarrassment in the complication of his clauses, any inconsequence in his connections, or abruptness in his transitions. He always understands himself; and his reader always understands him. -Samuel Johnson Thank you <3 ...and try not to be yahoos :) Born in Dublin, Ireland on November 30, 1667 1682 Swift attended Dublin University
In 1689 he went to be a secretary for Sir William Temple and lived at Moore Park where he met his love, Esther (Stella) Johnson
What takes precedence here, the palpable hit at the obscenity of false human pride, or the madness of Gulliver, who thinks he is a Yahoo, longs to be a Houyhnhnm, and could not bear to be convinced that he is neither? As in A Tale of a Tub, Swift audaciously plays at the farthest limits of irony, limits that make satire impossible, because no norm exists to which we might hope to return. -Harold Bloom Where Gulliver Traveled Important to know since it's the entire book Gulliver goes out to sea as a ship's surgeon heading to the East and West Indies
Gulliver washes up on a shore, wakes up tied down by tiny ropes, and is surrounded by 6in. tall people
He watches many Lilliputians compete in a jumping contest to win royal favor
He is accused of treason for "making water" near the palace and refusing to destroy approaching enemy ships
Gulliver escapes to Blefuscu where he finds an old ship, repairs it, and sails back to England After two months, Gulliver leaves on another voyage
His shipmates see a 60ft giant and leave him on the beach
Gulliver is found by a farmer and is taken to his home in Brobdingnag
Glumdaclitch takes care of him and teaches him the language while her father makes Gulliver perform for money
Gulliver is sold to the Queen
He finds himself repulsed by the bodies of the Brobdingnagians
Gulliver talks with the King about historical affairs and government in England
King concludes that their government is corrupt
Gulliver goes with the royal couple to the frontiers
Glumdaclitch falls sick so a page boy takes Gulliver to the beach
An eagle picks up Gulliver's travel box and drops it into the sea
Gulliver is found by English sailors and returns home Again, Gulliver leaves on a voyage
Pirates attack the ship and send Gulliver off in a canoe
He finds a circular, floating island inhabited by "intellectual" people
Gulliver goes down to the actual land and travels through Balinibarbi to the town of Lagado and sees the Grand Academy
He thinks they are insane so he travels to Maldonada to find a ship to Luggnagg
He takes a side trip to Glubbdrubdrib, a land whose governor is a necromancer
Gulliver sails to Luggnagg where he learns of the Struldbruggs (aka immortals)
Gulliver travels to Japan and sails back to England
Swift was ordained a priest for the Church of Ireland
He was very politically involved
Up until Temple's death in 1699, Swift would burn all his writing
1704 Swift published "A Tale of a Tub"
1726 "Gulliver's Travels" was published (Satire/Maritime Travel Journal)
He began to go mad in 1738 and passed away in 1745 Considered the Father of Satire Gulliver goes on his last voyage as the captain of his ship
After the mutiny of his crew, they leave him on an unknown island
Gulliver runs into these beastly humanoid creatures, called Yahoos, that attack him
A horse, or Houyhnhnm, shows up and scares them away
Gulliver goes to live with the Houyhnhnm, whom he calls Master, at his house and tries to hide his resemblance to the Yahoos
He finds that the Houyhnhnms have no sense of other countries beyond the sea
Their society is based solely on reason and rationality
While conversing with his Master, Gulliver finds his opinions being enlightened as he sees himself as a detestable Yahoo and wishes to be like a rational Houyhnhnm
When seen without his clothes, the Houyhnhnms agree that Gulliver must leave
He makes a canoe and is found by a Portuguese captain who helps him get home
Gulliver cannot stand to be in the company of "yahoo-kind" Appeals to all age groups
A masterful work of satire that is still relevant today
Swift created an impossible world that still makes sense
Swift's voice comes through Gulliver's and makes us aware of out faults
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