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Final presentation— "Bike mi piace"

No description

Essie Huang

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Final presentation— "Bike mi piace"

BEFORE DURING Access to the service Discover the service Get registered Getting the bike Annual Temporary Search for nearest bikeMi station Unlock the bike Pick up the bike Journey Return the bike The feedback is not clear, you can make a mistake and the system doesn’t tell you. The steps are not clear. Payment People cant do it in the station (tourists for example)
They don’t provide maps to users that register by the call center. The information in the station is not visible enough.
The only option is using a credit card. At the station The rack is not visible, poor signage. Especially when it is empty (no bikes). There is not a general map of the system/service in the post that you find in the stations. There is only a zoomed map. There is a “map box” but there are no maps in it. Interaction with the two screens is confusing. Users feel unsafe Having to wait for 10 minutes to grab another bike is a problem for some users.

The bike doesn’t lock appropriately every time, and users leave without knowing this: the feedback is not clear. limits The screen shows the bike availability in other stations by showing the number of these, but in the zoomed map in the station there is no number on the flags that show the different BikeMi stations. There are no bicycles for young kids for them to ride with their parents, and there are no baby seats available. The racks and the stations are not visible enough, poor signage. Especially when it is empty. When there is too much sun, it is hard
to see the screen. The interaction steps, especially for new
users are not intuitive.
Red light blocks the bike: the instructions
for what to do in this situation are not
clear. Make a call? Try again? The lock (so users can leave the bike
while doing something else) is hard to
find, it is not visible. The basket has not enough space. 30 minutes puts pressure on the users.
For some of the users is not enough. The system depends on a communications provider. The stations with more users flow (Cadorna, Duomo, San Babilla) , by 8:30am (peak hours, from 8 to 9am) had no bikes. The van didn't deliver any more bikes, at least till 10am. London
Barclays cycle hire Boston
NB Hubway Rio de Janeiro
Samba Mexico city
Ecobici Paris
Velib Montreal
Bixi velo Barcelona
Bicing Berlin
Call a bike Bike sharing systems Benchmarking ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES

Trips up to 60 minutes are free. The service is managed by a leading company in IT solutions for urban environments called Mobilicidade. It has a poor identity, it doenst even have its own website. PROCESS

1) Get registered on the website Mobilicidade.com.br.
2) pick a pass (daily, weekly, monthly or annual)
3) Head to the point where you want to start.
4) There users must call the number on the pick up station panel and enter their security code, and a bike will be unlocked. Insecurity, some users dont feel safe in Rio de Janeiro Safety: In the city there's bycicle lanes, designated bycicle roads and bike paths. Users have to be over 16 years old. When the bike is not well locked, the light tinkles between red and green. PROCESS

If users need to stop and then unlock the bike again, they just need to use the same code as before. Users have to wait 3 weeks to get their card. Trips up to 30 minutes are free. Higher racks are mostly empty. Copenhague
Bycyklen Amsterdam Is one of the first European cities to use the bike as a transport mean. There is a population of 750.000 inhabitants and 600.000 private bikes, so that is why a bike share system is discharged. In the website you can find infromation about the stations that are in service, to come, special event, blocked, sponsored…. The subscription fees and the price/time rates are clearly in the website. PROCESS

Registration: Annual subscription, online and then users recieve a card.. Temporary, users can also pay at the station and recieve a code. The system doesn'y work during winter. Just from April to November. Users can choose their bike at the station. As soon as users enter the website they can enter their current location and the system will look for the nearest Bixi rack and they can also check a 4 day weather forecast. PROCESS

Online Registration: register by using the official mexican ID, fill a form, within 10 days users recieve the card, then they have to sign the form and take it to an authorized office so that they can activate the card. The website is not clear, it has a lot of text and the "how it works" part is not visible enough. Trips up to 45 minutes are free. PROCESS

After grabbing the first bike, users have to wait 5 minutes to get another one. The system is public, is managed by the city. Is a complement to the alternative public transport systems. There are no racks or stations bikes are scattered around the city. You can pick up or return the bike in every corner, the only requirement is that it must be an intersection of two roads. PROCESS

To register you need to sign up with Deutsche-Bahn (Public train company) and give them a credit card number. Once users have found their Call-a-Bike, they just have to call the phone number on the side of the bike and get an unlock code. PROCESS

When usres need a bike they can look up on the Internet where the nearest bike is. They all have locators built in, so the system knows in real time where all of the free bikes are. Or users can just grab one on the sidewalk. It is used for conferences and these kind of group activities. It is not meant for tourists. Users must call for every time they use the bike. The website is only in a german version. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES

Thought for short trips. Payment by the minute When done, users must call again to report that their are not going to use the bike anymore. One of the largest bike sharing systems. The system is financed by the JCDecaux advertising corporation in return for advertisement spots in the city of Paris. Trips up to 30 minutes are free. All the price rates are shown in the post. Timing differences of up to 30 minutes exist between clocks of different rental stations due to poor synchronisation, and may give rise to overbilling or underbilling. Bikes are robbed and vandalised. Young users from 14 to 18 years old can use the service by showing a permission by their guardian. Every bike has a RFid tag. For sations in higher places (V points) users are given more free time for returning the bike. Bikes are heavy It's main sponsor is New Balance.

It is operated by Alta Bicycle share. Alta Bicycle Share designs, deploys, and manages bicycle share programs and systems worldwide. The hubway gives you another 15 minutes if the rack is full. Users can download a printable map, which is totally updated. Trips up to 30 minutes are free. Interactive web page, users can suggest “Let us know where you want Hubway stations located!  Visit our interactive Station Locator map to offer your suggestions.” The website is only in spanish and catalan. 24/7 service Resgitration is online Only available for residents. It is managed by Clear Channel 24/7 service It is integrated with the other public transport systems. Every bike has a RFid tag. The stations are very visible, they have a big map, a touch screen and a clear signage. Bikes cannot be used on the sidewalk. A lot of the times the racks are empty. Some bikes have been vandalised. Bikes are very heavy. 23kg. Docks have an alarm button to inform when a bike is broken. Managed by Incita, a local non-profit organization. Free inside the city, you just need to put 20 corona as a deposit, and you get them back when you return the bike. Bikes cannot be used on the sidewalk. The bikes can be used until sunset because they have no lamps. THe post (where the displays are) has two usable sides so 2 people can unlock a bike at the same time. There is a phone included in the post to report any problem. Digital map (updated) in the post. There is a security camera in the post If your trip is a longer one, the system gives you more time for next trip. Located across Paris and some close municipalities. 24/7 service It is hard to find a bike most of the times. Clear feedback: THeres a red, yellow and green light to show the different states. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES

FLexibility for users

Bikes can be badly distributed around the city. Availability???? Only 2 trucks for bike distribution Trackable bikes System doesnt require docks. Very expensive, 8 cents a minute. Look up the nearest bike station (online) After grabbing the first bike, users have to wait 2 minutes to get another one. Follow the instructions in the touch screen. Either use the "key" or enter the code given previously. PROCESS Choose your bike Wait for the green light to go on, and remove the bike. ADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES

The resgistration process is very
complicated. Personal Registration: Go to one of the 3 authorized offices, register by using the official mexican ID, fill the same form, pay with credit or debit card and recieve your card. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES PROCESS

Annual subscription: Register online, pay with credit card, within one week recieve card to unlock. Temporary subscriptions: Go to the nearest pay station, follow the instructions on the screens, pay with a credit card, recieve the code to unlock the bike, choose the bike, swipe your credit card, pull the handels to pick up the bike. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES PROCESS

Go to the nearest station, shoose a bike, put 20 coronas in it (as a deposit), unlock the bike, take your trip, return the bike, lock it and recieve the 20 the deposit back. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES PROCESS There is a cycle journey planner in the website. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES Registration can be online or at the stations by using a credit or debit card. Users must have a UK postal address which matches their billing address Choose you membership (daily, weekly or annual) Users can get up to 15 minutes extra time if the station is full and they need to cycle to another one. Get to the nearest station, choose the bike and youre route. Users can only leave the bike at a docking station. They can't leave it unattended anywhere else. ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES Feedback: Ther is no lights in the dock untill the bike is well locked. The service is integrated with the other public transport systems. PROCESS For 100% online registration, users must use a Navigo pass or pick up a Vélib' Express Card at the reception desk of the City of Paris

Annual registration: Enter the website

Daily and weekly users get registered directly at the stations by using a credit or debit card. They just have to follow the instructions shown in the display. PROCESS Long-term subscribers: Select a bike, swipe your long-term subscriber card over the card reader and wait for the green light and signal to release your bike.

Short-term users: Go to terminal at a Vélib’ station. Follow on-screen instructions. Select a bike and enter bike number. Wait for the green light and signal and take the bike ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES HOW IT ALL STARTED Journey map - emphasising on limits THE USERS NEXT STEP.... ...BRAIN STORMING STARTED MORE LIMITS = MORE OPPORTUNITIES OPPORTUNITY MIND MAP SKETCHING AND MAPPING OUR IDEAS... CONCLUSION: DESIGNING FOR NEW USERS ...THE CONCEPT Allow and improve the access at the stations Provide real time information Provides partnerships
with shops, museums, galleries, restaurants. Provide routes Provides merchandising
elements Sugested: shared by other users Provides a journey planner Predetermined circuits: shopping and arts/historic Provide dynamic pricing & subscription options Extra bikes - 1 subscription Discounts:
non-peak hours
evening Provide a platform
for users to share
and receive info. Cultural events 2 and 3 days
subscription BIKEMI PIACE BENEFITS For Clear Channel:

By providing discounts in the non-peak hours and evening usage, the “high traffic” stations could be decongested.
By providing an extra bike in one subscription, users can be encouraged to use it with friends and family, so the number of new users will increase.

By providing VIP stations where users can get extra information regarding events, routes, circuits and others, the system would be more attractive and appealing for them.

By providing predetermined circuits and suggested routes, the users can be “organized” in the sense that the system itself could indicate the stops around the city and distribute the bikes around the stations in a better way, decongesting those with “high traffic” and reducing costs by avoiding the use of the distributing vans.

By having partnerships with different shops, museums, hotels, ets. Clear Channel can sell Bikemi merchandising eco-friendly elements that would help increase profits.

Providing a map (physical) at information points and ATM points showing the integration between bikemi and ATM, the circuits and the merchandising elements can make the service much more likeable for new users.

Providing live information by having a partnership with the municipality and the tourist department can encourage people to use bikemi. Municipality:

By presenting the bike sharing system in a more appealing way, people will be encouraged to use it, so other transportation means would therefore be decongested, especially in peak hours. This fact can also benefit the air polluting aspect, which is a clear concern for the city.

By providing the extra features (circuits, routes, events) in bikemi that improve the way users discover the city and show the service as a symbol of Milan, the local economy and the image of the city can clearly benefit, and the cultural events can be promoted. The users:

Improving the service by complementing it with new innovative and appealing features, users can be encouraged to use it and have a healthier, more eco friendly, traffic free way of moving around the city.

By providing features regarding routes, users can easily move around the city taking the most advantage out of it without getting lost or loosing time.

By giving the users the option of taking an extra bike by using one subscription, the service would be allowing them to bike with friends and/or family. This feature can surely make the service much more attractive especially for tourists that usually travel in groups.

Providing the users with live information connected to the usage of bikemi can allow them to be updated with cultural events around the city in a very easy and fast way.

Providing merchandising elements in the stops included in the circuits gives the users the option to buy useful products that not only can make their bikemi experience unforgettable and more fun, but can also work as souvenirs of Milan.

Providing a map (physical) at information points and ATM points showing the integration between bikemi and ATM, the circuits and the merchandising elements makes the experience of using bikemi more efficient, practical and entertaining. Especially for new users that need to know how to move around the city in few days.

Allowing users to have to option to presubscribe to bike when their plannig their trips can encourage them to know more about the service, be interested in it and subscribe easily without having to wait to get to Milan. Allow users to pre subscribe while planning their trips (flights, hotels...) Provide complete map
(integrated ATM, circuits,
spots icons, info points) They stop at a VIP station they see on their way to the Metro Miguel subscribes because he is the only one with a credit card, he enters his personal data and credit card data. The display shows him the 3 codes, he doesnt have anything to write with so he clicks the SMS option. They buy some caps for them, the day was very sunny and also buy some keychains to take back home to their friends and family The system assigns the 3 bike numbers in the rack. They pick them up and begin their journey. Domus Academy
Master Course in Service and Experience Design 2011

WS_1: we bikeMi
Project Leader: Elena Pacenti
Assistants: Nicole Neuberger
Project Title: bikeMi piace
Team Members: Xing Huang, Francesco Sardu, Carolina Hurtado. He doesnt know Milan so he goes to the nearest information point He is really interested in the bikeMi service so he goes to the bike station that is closets to the info point where he is He subscribes entering his personal data and credit card data They return the bike close to the shop. The display shows him the code, he writes it down in his cell phone. He marks the route on his physical map with a marker he has on his bag. bikeMi piace consists on a series of services that are added into the overall bikeMi service to complement it. These are designed to deliver the bike sharing system as a symbol of Milan. The main purpose is to allow users, especially temporary ones, to move around the city in a more efficient and entertaining way. The services that bikeMi piace offers are aimed at making the use of bikeMi an unforgettable experience. These include merchandising elements to personalize during the journey, souvenirs, extra types of subscriptions, customized and recommended routes and more useful information regarding events and discounts on subscriptions.
Key Words: Accessibility, customization, entertainment, flexibility and symbol. ...SOME STORIES TO MAKE IT CLEAR THANK YOU! NEXT STORY... He decides to go to an exhibition at galleria Brera.
He takes the bike and starts his journey. MORE INSPIRATION
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