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Integrated media and content marketing solutions.

Why earned media should be part of your content marketing mix.

Shelley Middlebrook

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Integrated media and content marketing solutions.

National Guarantee: 8,700,000
Cost: $17,500 A service introduced in 2012
Compact Options Mean Greater Efficiency

1,000 words (3-4 articles) distribution package to print and digital media across Canada – French & English
1x 60 second audio release production and distribution to our network of broadcasters – bilingual, French voice-over
1x 45 second - 1 minute video production and distribution to media websites across Canada – bilingual, French voice-over
Media Monitoring
Proof of performance reports Tri-Media Production and Distribution Elevate Your Content Strategies Shared Success
News Canada’s Client Content Solutions Tri-Media Production and Distribution Soya Success Fragmented media = Multiple conversation opportunities Canadians are highly social Integrated earned and paid media solutions Communications Partner Creative branded content solutions and delivery
Integration of messaging across multiple platforms (digital, mobile, social, radio, TV, print)
Leveraging paid, earned and owned media to best amplify your communications “Marketers who fail to learn to reconcile paid, owned and earned media today will be at a distinct disadvantage in the future” A highly fragmented media landscape = need for multiple touch points to reach your audience 24/7
Today’s media demands a steady stream of content
A more complex environment, with stable or shrinking budgets means that ROI is more important than ever Consumers ‘pull’ information when and where they want it
Social media gives you opportunity to start more engaging conversations with consumers
Third party endorsement and peer recommendation is more important than ever for brands Canadians and mobile Canadians are multi-taskers: 50% of Canadians have a smartphone; 21% own a tablet.

59% of Canadians always/often use another device while viewing television.

79% of Canadians don’t leave home without their mobile device Sources:

BBM, comScore, Mobilens, Media Technology Monitor 2011

The State of Canadian Connectedness: Internet Usage, Mobile, Search and Social Media, 2012 Repurpose and reuse traditional media content on your social media channels for greater amplification. Creating the content needed to fill Social Media channels is a challenge Public Relations + Content Marketing = Content PR Integrated Media Solutions Branded Content vs. Other Marketing Mediums “Consumers expect to share valuable, entertaining and authentic experiences and a marketer’s job is to deliver content that meets and exceeds these expectations.” Brandon Gutman, Contributor from Forbes magazine
WANT DAILY CONTENT FROM THEIR BRANDS 73% DAILY BRANDED CONTENT IS KING! Fourth Source magazine survey 2012 Source: Spending Study, Custom Content Council in partnership with ContentWise, Nov. 2011 Effective branded communications strategies that leverage earned, paid and owned media across traditional and new distribution channels that can be measured and provide ROI are the foundation for successful campaigns.
Branded content creation (video, radio, articles, TV)
Guaranteed pick-up by the media
Journalistic credibility
Mass reach
Integrated messaging across multi-platforms
Audiences get content where and when they want it. Get your social conversation started
Build your content pool and repurpose
Measurable results and ROI
Cost effective Content creation, media distribution and much more Partner with News Canada on your media communications campaigns and watch the results roll in — guaranteed.
News Canada works with you to determine the best multi-channel content strategy for your stories offering integrated media and production solutions to your distribution challenges. Your message is then circulated to our extensive network of newspaper, broadcast and online editors - coast to coast. Our earned media delivered over 40,000 news & lifestyle stories across the country in 2012.
Distribution to:
1,850 print editors and 2,000 web/mobile editors
350 Television broadcasters
600 Radio broadcasters Our Mass Reach Results - 2012 Efficient Growth Strategy Covering Your Short-Term and Long-Term Strategies Radio and Television create mass awareness by pushing out your message to their ‘captured audience’ resulting in quick response time.

With Articles and Video consumers select stories they are interested in; they are active participants pulling the information. Results grow over time. Multi-platform
Media Coverage Reach your audience with multiple touch points, where and when they want to be informed.
A sample of the media that uses our content. in print online on-air To provide Canadians with information on healthy ways to substitute tofu into a diet, including recipes.

Execution: Tri-Media Production and Distribution Campaign Objective: Budget: $14,300 – English only

Online Video Unique Visitors = 13,282,744
Radio Story Audience = 2,493,000
Article Reach = 3,925,229 Total Reach =
17,210,466 Media Monitoring News Canada provides you with media monitoring and MRP, industry standard reporting, in a timely manner following your campaign. Value of News Canada's
online distribution News Canada Video Channel Adds Reach News Canada's client's videos frequently get picked up premium homepage positioning

Added benefit of SEO when News Canada videos are picked up on portals http://www.youtube.com/user/Info4YourLife The Value of YouTube and News Canada’s Info4yourLife channel’s analytics for 1-month Bringing your brand to life on television and online The Power of Television Digital Strengthens TV Need for storytelling – audio/visual much more impactful than any other method
The context of the audience – relaxed, receptive and often shared experience
TV boosts the performance of other media – especially digital Provides an additional response channel
Builds audience with greater distribution
Provides additional PR opportunities through social
Concurrent usage of both media is widespread Merging of Communication Disciplines Don't get left behind. Added Value – Content you can repurpose Repurpose content in your social media and digital strategies Share your videos and media pick-up on:
Your own website
Any other social channels you have Value Added... Video: Digital Distribution Added benefit of SEO when News Canada videos are picked up on portals News Canada Video Channels Add Reach The Value of YouTube and News Canada’s Info4yourLife channel’s analytics for 1-month For Your Life Television YouTube keyword video search and display campaign http://www.youtube.com/user/Info4YourLife Over 80,000 views in one month Program Details Production of a 4 minute video segment included in ½ hour lifestyle show
6 airings of For Your Life TV show appearing in one month on Showcase, Slice, HGTV, Food Network, CHCH and CHEK (one airing per channel)
Production of 1 minute call to action spots
Airing of 24 x 1 minute spots on HGTV, Food Network, Showcase and Slice
Distribution of video (earned media) to News Canada online distribution list
Target keyword social media campaign to extend reach on YouTube
Monitoring and Measurement of Earned Media, plus broadcast affidavits
Keyword Campaign’s Google analytics report Guaranteed Audience
8 million
English Only
Cost $30,000 net "...consumers spend up to 80% of their disposable income within 20km of their homes." Simone Lawrence, Director of Research, Broadcast Research Council of Canada
Quote from Media Digest 2012/2013 We work in conjunction with your team to save you resources and money.

Tri-media Earned Program - radio, online & articles
National, multi-channel, branded content program for $17,500 with a guaranteed reach of 8.7 million.

Quad-media Paid & Earned Program - TV, radio, online, articles
National, multi-platform program for $39,500 net guaranteed reach of 10 million Who We Are Branded Content Production and Earned Media Distribution — web, mobile, radio, TV, print and social Professional and compelling custom videos for your internal and external communications strategy The Canadian standard for evaluation and measurement of editorial media coverage U.S. solution for media distribution (articles and radio) Branded content broadcast lifestyle series paid extension to your video strategy Source: comScore 2012 Canadian Digital Future in Focus month of December 2011 Mass Distribution Benefits
And Added Value Contact Us Get the conversation started.

For more information call us at
1 888 855 6397 or visit us online at www.pr.newscanada.com Get your content solutions working together like a well-oiled machine. Where consumers are getting information... Sources:
BBM, comScore, Google, Mobilens, Media Technology
Monitor 2011
The State of Canadian Connectedness: Internet Usage, Mobile, Search and Social Media, 2012
CRTC, September 2012 report Communications Monitoring Report
NADBank 2011 The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned, and Earned Media
July 19, 2012, Altimeter Group Add-On French Services
Guarantee2 Million
$10,000 net
Production of 1 minute call to action spots
Airing of 29 x 1 minute spots on Addik(5), Canal Vie (8), Casa (5), LCN (2), RDI (3), Series+ (6)
Production of 1-2 minute French version video for online distribution
Distribution of video (earned media) to News Canada online distribution list
Monitoring and Measurement of Earned Media, plus broadcast affidavits
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