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Reet Taylor

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Out

Outlaw Star
What is it?
Outlaw Star is a 1998 Japanese anime series based off the manga (graphic novel) of the same name, written 2 years earlier by Takehiko Ito. It is a high-octane sci-fi action series which blends elements of various genres and influences from Wild West style gunslinging, to space travel, to Chinese mythology, and even werewolves. Outlaw Star follows the misadventures of Gene Starwind, pilot of the titular spaceship, and his ragtag crew as the voyage through the galaxy in search of ‘The Galactic Leyline,’ the world of the story’s ultimate treasure.
What makes it cool?
The 'Towards Stars Era' in which the story is set comes with its own geography, history, politics, rules, and mysteries which truly sell the sense of adventure.
part of something bigger
Thematically, Outlaw Star stretches in many directions, but constantly stresses on a few related topics: embarking on a journey, figuring out oneself, finding one's place, and not backing down from beliefs.

This, of all the show's aspects, stuck with me most as a kid and that is likely to blame on the promotional videos Toonami (the Cartoon Network anime block on which it aired) created, using clips of OS as the centerpiece, taking the story's message and bringing it to life.
The Crew of the Outlaw Star
Class Themes: Gene & Melfina's relationship
Their union is far from perfect and experiences ups and downs, but unlike Dr. Khan who created her for his own selfish reasons or Harry who lusts for her to the extent of being forceful, Gene allows Melfina to be herself as her doing so has helped him find himself as well.
presentation by Reet Starwind*
Gene Starwind
James 'Jim' Hawking
"Twilight" Suzuka
Aisha Clan-Clan
Supporting Cast

Fred Lou

"Hot Ice" Hilda
Ron and Harry McDougall
Dr. Nguyen Khan
Lord Hazanko
In addition, each member of the crew is relatable in their own way, giving the show multiple appeals in their complimentary contrast
With him, she isn't put on a pedestal or used purely as the object of someone's desires. She's simply a woman to him, albeit one that's better than the others he's been with, but that has nothing to do with her being an android, just with Melfina being Melfina
Final thoughts?
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