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Social Media Survey

No description

Brianna Hayley

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Survey

Social Media Survey
By: Brianna, Vanessa & Kelsey

The term self-esteem is used to describe a person's overall sense of self worth or personal value. Self-Esteem can involve a variety of beliefs about self, such as the evaluation of one's own appearance, beliefs, emotions and behaviors.
The purpose of our survey is to understand, help and prevent teenagers from having low self-esteem.
Social Media is a variety of web based platforms, applications and technologies that allow people to interact socially with others online.
Social Media Statistics
There are 1.15 million users on Facebook.
250 million photos are uploaded each day on Facebook.
There are over 400 million twitter users.
On average, there are over 58 million tweets sent per day.
There are over 130 million instagram users.
More than 5 million photos are uploaded to instagram each day.
Women checkout and are on social network more than men.

We believe that the more time spent listening, reading and viewing social media, the more it will lower your self-esteem.
Trend 1
Trend 2
Girls spend more time on Social Media!
Trend 3
Girls that spend a lot of time on Social Media have a very low Self-Esteem!
: The more that Social Media has an effect on your life, the lower your self-esteem will be. Therefore, our question is does Social Media really have a high impact on one's self-esteem?
Trend 5
The less amount of time you spend on social networking sites, the better you feel about your physical appearance!
Males think of themselves higher than Females!
Girls often wish they looked like the girls in magazines and therefore rate themselves low.
Teens & Self-Esteem
7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members.
More than 40 percent of boys in middle school and high school regularly exercise with the goal of increasing muscle mass.
About 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood.
Among high school students, 44 percent of girls and 15 percent of guys are attempting to lose weight.
We chose this topic for our sample survey to try and prove that social media does have a large affect on someone’s self-esteem. Since suicide rates are skyrocketing, anxiety levels are high and depression is more common, we decided that this topic would be a compelling experiment. People who commit suicide, who have depression or have high anxiety all have low self-esteem.
Sample Survey
Our sample survey consists of 16 questions, and was handed out to 60 students at Mother Teresa High School. (Grades 10 -12)
Yes, social media does have an effect on your self-esteem.
Almost 50% of people we surveyed that don't spend 2 hours or more on social networking, are happy with their physical appearance and rated themselves 7+.
Trend 6
People who spend 3 hours or more doing extra curricular activities, do not spend as much time on social media!
63% of people who play sports for 3 or more hours a week do not spend more than 2 hours on social networking sites.
Trend 7
People that spend time on both social networking and participate in extra-curricular activities have a better self-esteem then someone who is only on social networking.
We gathered all the data from the extra-curricular questions and social networking questions and wanted to prove that if you spend a lot of time doing extra-curricular activities; you would have higher self-esteem than someone who spends most of their time on just social networking sites.
However, we were wrong. Instead we saw that they were both relatively similar in ratings.

63% percent of girls said that they wish they looked like the girl on the front cover of a magazine.
As you can see, the boys are only between 6 and 10 and the girls are fairly dispersed.
Social Media and Body Image
Shoulda', Woulda', Coulda'!
After reviewing our survey results we discovered that...
We could have done other things to have made of survey even better.
We could have compared self-esteem to what grade you are in
We should have surveyed an equal amount of girls and boys. We should have asked less social media questions.
We would have better clarified only circling one answer as this caused a lot of confusion with our statistics.
The Future!
We predict that high self-esteem rates will decrease in the future because new networking sites are opening which have been negatively affecting teens. Recently more and more networking sites have opened.
Facts About Social Media and its Future!
Bob Zukis predicts that by 2020, 5 billion people will have mobile smart phones and 5 billion will be on social type of tools.
Currently 3 billion people are on social media

Trend 4
Trend 4
Advertisements play a big role in today's society.
Deciding Factors for Self Esteem
We categorized those with low self-esteem, if they rated their physical appearance a 4 or below and if they responded with
strongly disagree
to good qualities about themselves. If they responded
strongly agree
to bad qualities about themselves they're were categorized with low self-esteem.
Deciding Factors for Social Media Use
We decided that people spend a lot of time on social networking sites if they spent 2 or more hours a day on them.
Who Cares?
We also used the
Rosenberg Scale
to observe one's self-esteem.
Fourteen-year-old Hannah Smith killed herself after she was bullied by users of the social-networking website Ask.fm.
other research
Extraneous Variable
The extraneous variable would be honesty. Self-esteem is very personal topic and even if it was an anonymous survey, people may not want to give out that information or rather admit to it.
We've come to the conclusion that social media does have an effect on self-esteem. About 42% of the people we surveyed had low self-esteem (Nearly Half!) and 76% of those with low self-esteem are on a social network site for 2 hours or more. So therefore the more time spent on social media really can effect someones self-esteem and how they view them self.
Where is social media going?
Social media depends on its users, so really the future of social media depends on us!
Our purpose was to see if social media really does have an effect on someone's self-esteem! We also wanted understand, help and prevent teenagers from having low self-esteem
-Today , teenage girls rely heavily on magazines for information on beauty and fashion, valuing their advice nearly as much as advice from their peers.
Thank you for listening!
Now enjoy this picture of Channing Tatum
-Twenty years ago, the average model weighed 8 per cent less than the average woman – but today’s models weigh 23 per cent less.
-Advertisers believe that thin models sell more products, this makes the customer think more negatively of themselves. This then makes the customer want to buy the product because they think it will be a solution.
Trend 8
Out of the 60 people we surveyed
58% had a high Self-Esteem
42% had a low Self-Esteem

Out of the 42% that had a low Self-Esteem
76% spent at LEAST 2 hours a day on social media.
24% spent 2 hours or less on social media.
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