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Developmental Timeline

AP Psychology

Laren Everage

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Developmental Timeline

Developmental Timeline Laren Everage
AP Psychology
2nd Period Birth Date Born April 28, 1996
Womack Army Medical Center
4:00 a.m.
7 lb. 14 oz. Laughs Aloud 4 Months (Now, I can't Stop! Ha) Sits Up 16 November 1996
Followed soon after by rolling over Lower Central Incisors
1 January 1997 Development of Teeth (Oh, how they hurt!) Starting to Eat Solid Foods Around 6 Months
Baby food in a jar (Yuck! Mushy food...) Crawling 10 Months
I crept on hands and knees (8 months) before I crawled on my stomach (That's a little backwards!) Pulling Up and Standing Alone 8 April 1997
Took almost one year after birth (I was taken to a specialist because it took so long for me to stand!) 14 to 15 Months Walking (I was a late bloomer.) First word: cat
11 months First Word (First sound: da-da... 24 November 1996) 21 Months
Mama up-up! Two Words School Years Multiple Words Around 3 years Stedman Primary School Kindergarten - 1st Grade
Age 5 - 7
Mascot: Rams 2nd - 5th Grade
Age 7 - 11
Mascot: Rams Stedman Elementary School 1st: Emily Shearlock Major Friendships Met in 1st Grade
Lasted 8 years until high school began 2nd: Marlyna Jordan Met in 3rd Grade
Lasted until she moved after 6th Grade 6th - 8th grades
Age 11 - 14
Mascot: Mustangs Mac Williams Middle School Robert B. Everage
Beginning of 8th grade year
August 27, 2009
70 years old Grandpa's Death Herman Frank
March 5, 1999
62 years old Grandpa's Death 9th - 12th Grade
Age 14 - 18
Mascot: Colt Cape Fear High School Best Friend Kirsten Steininger
10th grade - now June of 2014
18 Years Old
Top 10% of Class High School Graduation To Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1st Big Move UNC Chapel Hill College Entrance into Pharmacy School in 2014
Graduate with a diploma and pharmacy degree in 2018 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Buying a Home Moved to Pigeon Forge after graduation
2 bedroom, one bath as I settle into a career First Car Bought On My Own! Buying a Car Black and White Checkered Mini Cooper Pharmacist Career LeConte Medical Center
Sevierville, Tennessee
Salary: $115,000 Age 28
Husband= Doctor at LeConte Medical Center
Wedding in Niagara Falls, Canada on July 16, 2024 Marriage 2 Boys
1st- Jacob Lee born on March 3, 2028
2nd- Brian David born on October 15, 2031 Children Father- Jimmy Everage died on September 4, 2045
Mother- Laurie Ann Everage died on March 23, 2051 Death of Parents I died on May 19, 2076 in Pigeon Forge
Buried in the Mullin's Cemetery in Amburgey, Kentucky (Father's Home Town) Death
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