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Senior Project Presentation

Senior Home Volunteer

Nina .

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Senior Project Presentation

Nina Heur Senior Home Volunteer Intro Questions? How many of you...
-have elderly parents?
-have to care for them? Volunteering at a senior home to better understand the difficulties seniors are faced with. Product Reflection Mentor Inspiration Prior Knowledge Mom
Dad I knew…
the elderly would have decreased functions Steps Research possible senior homes
Apply for volunteer
Find a mentor 1 3 Commit to volunteering

Observe residents Take note of their difficulties in hearing, seeing, etc.

Plan methods to better communicate with & help the elderly

Try them with parents 2 *Highs:
Seniors: really nice!
Learned new things

Communication: spoke too quiet & fast
Hard to get out of comfort zone
Passing away (Treasure your loved ones!) Pictures Bibliography Role:
Give advice on interacting w/ the elderly
Direct me to special events
Very helpful

-Will continue to be in contact with Paper Thesis:
In-home care is the best choice for the elderly, because it is the cheapest, gives a sense of belonging, and allows more freedom. Reason for topic choice:
*Explore diff. elderly care options
*Parents Facts:
Loneliness in senior homes
More time to be w/ loved ones at home
Flexible/personalized care schedule
Caregiver burnout Research Process:
Difficult finding sources Conclusion What would I do differently?
-interact more closely w/ the residents

Usage of new knowledge:
-Make relationships between generations better

Highlights: remembered me;
seeing seniors happy
Personal Growth:
-Learned to control emotions
-Gained patience
-Reflect on actions more Connection between paper & product:
Understanding the needs of the elderly
Best option *Recreation Staffs
*Mentor: Jackie Special Thanks Works Cited

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Works Consulted

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