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AP Human Geography Final Exam

No description

Leah Rahman

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of AP Human Geography Final Exam

AP Human Geography Final Exam
Leah Rahman

Unit 1: The Hunger Games
In the Hunger Games each of the contestants are given tracking devices. They are given these tracking devices so that the gamemakers can track them down in the arena and make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Without these tracking devices, there would be no way for the gamemakers to know what is happening in the arena. The gamemakers are using this device correctly because they are using it to be able to find out the events happening in the arena and where each contestant is.
Unit 1: Iron Man
In Iron Man, Tony Stark builds his weapons and other devices. After making these weapons he spreads them across the country and sometimes they end up being used across the world for the use of the government and military. Globalization is the spread of an object or an idea in different areas throughout the world. This is a form of globalization because these areas are using the same technology and weapons. This globalization, however, is not as widespread as it could be. Tony Stark didn’t willingly send these weapons and technology to other countries. These countries gained control of the weapons.
Unit 1: Doctor Who
Space-Time Compression is the decrease in time it takes a certain object or idea to reach another area. This is shown in Doctor Who through the Tardis. The Doctor uses the Tardis to be able to travel through time and space in short amounts of time. Using the Tardis, the Doctor is able to travel across seas in minutes and even seconds with a simple flip of a switch. The Tardis is used appropriately in Doctor Who because he can transport himself across wide areas. This makes his travels more efficient and adventurous.
Unit 3: Hercules
Polytheism is the religious belief that there is more than one god. In Hercules, there are many different gods such as Zeus, Hera, Hades, Hermes, etc. All of the people in Greece believed in these different gods being a part of the earth. Hercules wanted to go back and take his place with his family and the other gods. The people worshiped these gods and didn’t think that Hercules deserved to be with them because they didn’t believe he was a god. This religion was the greek mythology.
Unit 3: Pocahontas
Folk culture is centered in one small group with no known origin. It is usually spread by word of the mouth. On the other hand, popular culture is spread across a wide area of land. It has a known origin and is usually spread through media. Pocahontas shows the differences in popular and folk culture. Pocahontas and her tribe people tell stories of spirits and use bows and arrows as weapons. The Europeans who came to take over the land, used modernized guns as weapons. They also had popular culture clothing.
Unit 3: Divergent
Genocide is the mass killing of one group of people. In Divergent, the people are divided into 5 different groups, Amity (the peaceful), Abnegation (the selfless), Erudite (the intelligent), Candor (the honest), and Dauntless (the brave). There are some people who live in that world that don’t belong in any of those groups and they are called Divergent. The people in the group of Amity, however, wanted to take over the government. Abnegation was the group ruling the government, so Amity went into their village and killed a large percentage of the group. They also thought that the Divergent group was too powerful, so they were also killed off.
Unit 2: Property Brothers
In the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott work to renovate houses for families to move into. These families migrate to these new locations for many reasons such as schools, jobs, and other activities. Pull factors are factors that would edge a family towards moving to a certain location. Migration involves pull factors such as the ones previously mentioned. The families primarily choose their homes based on their budget and their other needs. For example, one family had to choose a location that was in the school district of the school of their son. The Property Brothers work on these factors in order to find the best house for their family.
Unit 1: Pirates of the Caribbean
Map projections are used to display the Earth’s surface as a 2D image. People use maps across the world in order to find their location in an area. These maps can be digital, and they can also be physical. This is shown in Pirates of the Caribbean. The pirates use many forms of location devices to calculate the location of the treasures being found. One form of device they use is maps. The downside of these maps is that they are drawn by the pirates, so the land may not be shown correctly. However, they are using the maps correctly to find the location of their treasure.
Unit 1: Suite Life on Deck
The International Date Line is the imaginary line between Asia and North America. When you pass the International Date Line going towards North America, you would set your clocks back 24 hours. In the Suite Life on Deck, one episode showed the boat going past this line. This was not shown correctly because when the boat passes the Date Line, the people on the boat move back in time to the beginning of that day. This doesn’t truly happen. In reality, only the time moves back. People do not travel back in time when passing the International Date Line.
Unit 2: House Hunters
Life expectancy is the estimated age that an average person would live to in an area. One family in House Hunters International was looking to move to Costa Rica for the business potential and for the relaxing environment. It was stated in the show that the life expectancy in Costa Rica was around 100 to 99 years of age. They stated that this high life expectancy was the result of peace and little stress between the people. After looking up this life expectancy rate, I found that it wasn’t true for the whole of Costa Rica. The average life expectancy age is actually 79 years old.
Unit 2: That 70s Show
Immigration is the movement, or type of migration, into one area from another. Many immigrants move for economic, social, or political reasons. In That 70s Show, Fez is an immigrant from...some country that it never stated. He moves to Wisconsin and lives with a host family. The reason for his migration is for his education. Fez moves to be able to gain a higher rated education. Wisconsin’s education would have been higher rated than the education in…..his country.
Unit 2: Friends
A commute is a daily travel to another location. It is not a permanent travel to a location, but a routined travel. In Friends, the group of friends goes daily to the coffee house called Central Perk. This coffee house is close to their apartments. This allows the friends to be somewhere, but not have a large commute. It is an area where they go to spend time with each other and talk. This concept was used correctly because the gang goes there almost everyday as a casual routine.
Unit 3: The World Cup
Popular culture is found in many different forms. One form is sports such as soccer, or football. The sport of soccer is played around the world by many different people. It is either played professionally, in schools, or for a leisure time activity. One of the widest spread and watched events in the world is the World Cup. The World Cup brings together teams from countries around the world. It brings together the best teams to compete against each other for the entertainment of the people watching on their TVs or in the stadium. This event is accurately using popular culture sports because it shows how widespread the sport of soccer is across the countries.
Unit 3: Aladdin
In gender discrimination, women aren’t viewed as important as men. Women are denied certain rights. Men are sometimes treated better than women are. This is shown in Aladdin through many ways. One way is that Princess Jasmine is not allowed to leave the castle walls. The only way she is allowed to leave is by getting her father’s permission. She has to sneak out of the castle walls in order to see the outside of the city. This gender discrimination is also shown in the fact that Jasmine has to have an arranged marriage and is forced to marry a prince. Jasmine is not able to pick anyone that she truly loves. These examples show how the men in Jasmine’s life are seen as superior to her.
Unit 4: Harry Potter
A fortified boundary is a boundary that is guarded in some way. It is used to prevent people from being able to enter and exit an area. In Harry Potter, Hogwarts has a gate that is used to protect the students in the school. This gate is guarded by many spells used to prevent people from being able to enter the school. One of the spells made on the gates made by Dumbledore, prevents wizards to be able to apparate in and out of Hogwarts. Apparating is the disappearing from one place and appearing in another seconds after. The concept is used correctly because these spells defend the entrance of Hogwarts.

Unit 4: Pocahontas
Imperialism is the colonization of land that is already permanently settled by other inhabitants. This is usually an aggressive act. There have been many moments of imperialism in history such as the colonization of Africa. Another moment of imperialism, although not usually noticed as imperialism, is the settlement of North America. Moments of this imperialism are shown in the movie Pocahontas. The European explorers came to North America and intruded on the Native American settlement of Pocahontas’ tribe. The explorers forced themselves onto the land by killing the natives, or “savages”, that stood in their way. The detail that makes this concept not used fully correctly is the reason the explorers came to the land. They came in search of gold, more than in search of settlement.

Unit 4: The Lord of the Flies
Centrifugal forces are forces that pull people of a nation apart from each other. These forces weaken the unity of the nation and the people in the nation. This can be shown in The Lord of the Flies because after a while of being on the island, the boys divided into two different groups. One with Ralph as the leader and one with Jack as the leader. The force that pulled them apart was Jack’s negativity towards Ralph. Jack thought that Ralph had no respect for him, so he told the boys negative things about Ralph. Eventually he turned the boys against Ralph. This concept is shown correctly because eventually the group of boys separated and turned against each other.
Unit 4: The Hunger Games
A federal system is a government that divides its power between different governments within sections of the state. The country is divided into states or provinces, and each section has its own government. In The Hunger Games, Panem (the country located in modern day North America) is divided into 12 districts (originally 13). Each of the 12 districts has its own district mayor. This mayor helps advise that everything is running smoothly in his/her assigned district. This concept of a federal system however is not used correctly in Panem. Although each district has their own form of government, these districts are following the laws put in place by the Capitol. These district governments have no power to put in their own laws.
Unit 4: Aida
A nation-state is a state that is formed by one ethnicity. Egypt is one example of a nation-state. It is formed by people who belong to the country. These people have mostly remained in their home country, and kept their identity of Egyptians. Recently Egypt has been given the name of a nation-state. It’s government claims the people of it’s country to one identity. This concept relates to Aida because this musical takes place in Egypt. In this musical, Egypt and Nubia are at war with each other. Many Nubian people, including the Nubian princess and her slaves, are captured and taken prisoner in Egypt. This concept of nation-states is shown correctly because the citizens of Egypt were all a part of this Egyptian ethnicity.
Unit 2: The Fault in Our Stars
The medical revolution is the new advancement in medical technology and resources. This medical revolution usually takes place closer to the end of stage 2 of the demographic transition. In The Fault In Our Stars, the teens have cancer and need to have treatments in order to survive through the cancer as much as they can. Without the medical revolution and its medical advancements, these treatments would not be available to Hazel and Gus. These advancements include chemotherapy, CAT scans, and radiation. These treatments allow Hazel and Gus to live through their little infinity.
Unit 5: The Hunger Games
Deforestation is the clearing and destruction of forests. Deforestation is done to harvest wood for consumption, clearing of land for agriculture, and clearing of land for settlement. District 7 in the Hunger Games country of Panem has a lumber industry. The people of District 7 are usually seen with axes, saws, and other tree cutting tools. These people start their work in deforestation at an early age. This district supplies wood for all of Panem. This use of deforestation is more for the consumption of wood. District 7 is located in the northern region closer to more forests. This concept is shown correctly because the people of District 7 are destroying the forests for the consumption of others.
Unit 5: The Hunger Games
Grain is a seed from various grasses. Grain is a major crop in most farms. Commercial grain agriculture has the grains being used for human consumption rather than livestock consumption. District 9 has an industry in commercial grain agriculture. The people in District 9 farm different types of grain and distribute the grains to the people in the Capitol and the other districts around Panem. This concept is used correctly because they are sending it for other people’s consumption. The only difference is that District 9 does not send their grain to manufacturers of food products. These products are made in the district.
Unit 5: The Hunger Games
Commercial agriculture is a form of agriculture that produces food primarily for sale off the farm. Commercial agriculture is primarily in MDCs with large areas of land used. Many machines are used in commercial agriculture to increase the production of crops. There is a small percentage of farmers in the labor force in commercial agriculture. District 11 takes part in commercial agriculture for the Capitol and the other districts in Panem. This concept is used correctly because the production in District 11 is sent around Panem for human consumption and use.
Unit 5: Cow Belles
Dairy farming is the raising of cattle to produce and sell dairy products. It has become one of the most important commercial farming activities in North America. It has become highly important closer to urban areas. The factories must be closer to their market because milk is highly perishable. Milksheds are made near urban locations to store the dairy products without allowing them to spoil. In Cow Belles, the twins’ father owns a dairy producing factory. He has an area for the cattle to be raised and milked. In his factory he can raise the cattle and produce the products he needs to make an income. This concept is used correctly because he raises cattle for dairy production and the factory is close to the urban areas.
Unit 5: The Lord of the Flies
Hunting and gathering is the early method of gaining a food supply before agriculture took place. The men would hunt animals in methods such as fishing. The women would gather fruits, nuts, and other plants. This wasn’t a very stable food supply. In The Lord of the Flies, the boys find food on the island by hunting pigs. Their food supply is also increased by the gathering of fruits from the fruit trees. These jobs were not divided into different gender roles because there were only boys on the island. Also, the boys didn’t usually store their food. They ate the food right when it was hunted and gathered. This concept is used correctly because the boys used this method as a way to gain food without agriculture.
Unit 6: Bee Movie
The first job sector is the group of economic activities involved with the extraction of resources from the Earth. The extraction of the resources leads to the production of other products. The primary sector involves jobs such as farming, mining, and fishing. This job sector is shown in the Bee Movie with the “Pollen Jocks”, who go out of the hive to collect nectar from the flowers. This concept is used properly because the “Pollen Jocks” are gathering resources from Earth for the production of honey and the benefit of other bees and humans.
Unit 6: House Hunters
Reforestation is the process of rebuilding a group of forests. It is done by planting new trees in an open area. This helps recreate forests and nature. In one House Hunters International episode, the family was moving to Costa Rica. They wanted to move there for business benefits and the beautiful natural landscape. When foreigners colonized Costa Rica, they made reforestation a priority. This caused limited development in the making of modern homes. Less space is given for this home development. This is used appropriately because it states that the preservation of the environment is a main priority, and that is what reforestation helps do.
Unit 6: Bee Movie
The second job sector is the group of economic activities involved with the manufacturing of useful products. The products are created for the benefit of others across the area. The secondary sector involves jobs such as textile production, engineering, and shipbuilding. This job sector is shown in the Bee Movie with the rest of the worker bees in the hive. These bees are divided into different groups of jobs. They all work together to make the final production of honey. This concept is somewhat used properly because they are making the final product, but the production of one product is split into different jobs.
Unit 6: Bee Movie
The third job sector is the group of economic activities involved with the distribution of the products made in the secondary job sector. These products are distributed in exchange for payment. The products are spread in a wide variety of ways. The tertiary sector involves jobs such as restaurants, banking, and tourism. This job sector is shown in the Bee Movie with the grocery stores selling the honey for customers. Barry goes into the grocery store and sees a row of honey from various different companies. This concept is used properly because they are distributing the product of honey to people for payment.
Unit 6: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Different forms of transportation of products are used at different times. Usually the timing of these transportation forms, depend on the distance needed to be traveled. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie watches the Willy Wonka trucks drive away from the factory carrying the chocolate bars and other candies. Trucks are used when traveling short distances. They are used this time because they are quicker to load and unload than other forms of transportation, and they are also cheaper. Since the candy was only going to be delivered to the local candy stores, they were delivered by trucks because they were the most efficient form of transportation for that situation. This concept was used correctly because the candy bars were delivered only a short distance to local candy stores.
Unit 7: Property Brothers
Gentrification is the process in which middle-class people move into deteriorated inner-city neighborhoods. They then renovate the lower-class homes they buy. This heightens the value of the home after the renovation. This whole concept is the plot of every Property Brothers episode. The Scott brothers find low valued homes for families. They then give the families designs that they would use to renovate these houses. When the families choose which house they want, Drew Scott works to renovate the home to the liking of the family, design, and budget. The downside of renovating lower valued homes is that Drew does not know what the structure and foundation of the house would be like. There will most likely be problems in the house, found while renovating. This concept is used correctly because it is increasing the value. The only part of gentrification that the Property Brothers are not aiming for is to increase the value of the houses so much that lower-class people are not able to buy them.
Unit 7: Parks and Recreation
City beautification is a lot like gentrification. It makes neighborhoods and other community areas seem nicer than they are by adding nice aspects such as parks and other green spaces. City beautification is used to promote tourism and an attraction to the community. It can be used to create pull factors towards that community. Unlike gentrification, city beautification does not increase the value of the area and drive out lower-classed families. In Parks and Recreation, Leslie works to better the community for the people in it. She takes questions from these people and tries to make the community appear to be the best it can be. This concept is used correctly because Leslie and her group are working to better the community.
Unit 7: Wizards of Waverly Place
Mixed-use Development is the mixing of housing and business in one area. Buildings are made that would have the house and the workplace of the owner. These two areas would be put into one building to minimize the travel that would have to be made to the CBD. This makes it more efficient for the owner of the business because they can always be there in case of an emergency. In Wizards of Waverly Place, the Russo family owned a sub restaurant that is downstairs from their home. The whole family works in the restaurant, so it is easy for them to get to their job without cars for transportation. This concept is used correctly because the Russo family’s work and home are in the same building to maximize efficiency and limit travel.
Unit 7: How I Met Your Mother
Urban planning and design is used by architects and builders to find the best location for their buildings. People choose locations based off of many different factors. If there is a city that has a high percentage of people using public transportation, then people would make their buildings near the entrances and exits of public transportation systems. If there is an area in a city that is a high rate tourist area, buildings might be put in place there. Businesses place their buildings in areas that would gain them high amounts of attraction and profit. In one How I Met Your Mother episode, Ted is a part of a team that is working to tear down an old hotel building called the Arcadian. The team chooses this building to replace with a bank because it is rundown. Although it is rundown, people know the location and pass there often. This concept is used correctly because the location chosen was one where there would be a high profit gain.
Unit 7: Footloose
Flagpole Annexation is the use of land beyond a city’s boundary for a structure. This process is mainly used for buildings such as airports. The people who want to use this land have to have enough money and power to be able to take it. In Footloose, Bomont High School is not able to have a prom because there is a law that outlaws public dancing. The high school doesn’t want to be liable for any accidents that happen at the prom, so they decide not to have one all together. Ren McCormack wants to change this law. He doesn’t think it is fair to not be able to have a prom. He hosts a makeshift high school prom at the cotton gin just outside of Bomont, this way it wouldn’t be illegal. This concept isn’t fully used correctly. Although the teens are using an area outside of a city, they aren’t using it for building a structure. They are using it for holding an event.
Clara and the Doctor transporting into a plane
Life expectancy chart
Shows the different culture weapons
Provides a short plot of the musical Aida
The boys hunt the pig
Pollen Jocks collecting nectar
Gives a very brief summary of the plot of Parks and Recreation
What really happens when crossing the International Dateline
Tracking devices inserted in contestant arm
Map used by the pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean
Tony Stark demonstrates his new weapon
Fez and his friend from his country
summary of the episode
The beginning of the trailer states how much medication Hazel must take
The gang enjoying some time at Central Perk
Showing all the countries watching the World Cup
Article gives information on the genocide of Abnegation
The gods on Mount Olympus
Jasmine and her father talking in the garden
Protecting Hogwarts during the battle
Map of the division of the Hunger Games districts
Gives a summary of the plot of Pocahontas
Jack talks negatively about Ralph before leaving
District 9 grain industry video
Trailer shows the factory and how it is run
District 7 video lumber industry
District 11 video agriculture industry
Explains the reforestation projects in Costa Rica
Barry sees the honey in the grocery store
Barry and Adam picking their job
Real life Wonka trucks
Explains the goal of the Property Brothers
The Russo family get home
The Arcadian
Footloose prom scene
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