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Sexualizing the African American Female

No description

Nicole Hill

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Sexualizing the African American Female

Monster's Ball
Placage Arrangements
Angela Bassett
Slave Era
Belief in innate sexual lewdness
White Women=sexual purity
Black Women=sexual deviants

Popular Anecdotes
The Jezebel
The Mammy
Sapphire Emancipation and Reconstruction Era
Everyday Items depicting Black women
Civil Rights Era and popular scantily clad movies Present Day Degradation
African American Hotties
Female Emcees
Video Vixens HIV/AIDS
Unreal fantasy of sexuality
Slaves originally had no prostitution"
What puts them at risk and the consequences

Cultural and Social Constructs
Public Opinion of Adolescent Female Sexuality
Tyra Show
Education Attitudes and the Reasoning Behind It
Male Traits
Rosa Parks
Double Consciousness
African American Women's Voices Project My Black is Beautiful
In Conclusion...
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