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Jane Eyre Presentation

No description

Paula Morel

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Jane Eyre Presentation

Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë Catalina Solari
Christine Jobson
Paula Morel Themes, Motifs & symbols Historical Context Characters Structure Language & Style Jane Eyre Edward Rochester Narrative Jane Eyre
Mr. Rochester
Mrs. Reed
St. John Rivers
Helen Burns
Mr. Brocklehurst
Bertha Mason
· Long sentences
· Autobiographical
· Appeal to a sort of realism
· Very descriptive - journalistic style
· Small details
· Intertextuality with Bible
· Dialogue
· Use of personification
· Imagery
· Supernatural elements & imagery
· Reference to other books Gateshead
Moor House
Ferndean manor

Each setting describes a phase in Jane's life. There are five stages: - early childhood, home of the Reeds
- imprisonment vs desire to be free; alienation - lowest point; confinement and repression -maturity
-fairytale-like qualities
-thorn: pain and suffering -hope, regain her peace -final phase where Jane reaches her goals and is complete Observation: the settings also resemble their masters and Jane's current state - Bildungsroman: novel about the moral and psychological
growth of the main character.

- Romantic/gothic novel

- Byronic hero = Rochester Love: Motherly, fraternal and true love
Religion: Brocklehurst = hypocrite /
Helen Burns = too passive / St. John = disloyal to own self
Social Class: critical of Victorian England's strict social
hierarchy / position of governess / no boundaries bent
Gender: Jane wants equality and overcome oppression /
against patriarchal domination (feminist)

vs · Main Character
· Cinderella-like
· Plain
· Passionate
· Feels need for autonomy and freedom
· Change in personality throughout the novel
· Readers feel close to her and sympathize · Byronic Hero
· His past relates to sin and redemption
· Passionate, independent and wealthy
· Not physically attractive
· Mysterious
· End of novel foreshadows beggining
· Contrast to St. John
· Offers Jane what she's looking for
· Focuses on Jane and her point of view
· Adresses to the "reader"
· Link to structure
· Tone in each setting
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