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Unit 19: Analysis of sports performance

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Mark Westhead

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Unit 19: Analysis of sports performance

Diet is intrinsic and can have a positive and negative affect on your sports performance. It has a postitive affect on performance as if you have healthy diet and get the right nutrition you will be able to perform at your peak for longer. The negative affect of diet is if you diet too much, you start to lose muscle mass and strength that will affect how long you can train and perform for.
Age is intrinsic.
Age will affect the way we perform as we get older. In sports like football you don't see many older player playing the game because as you get older your body slows down with things like speed, agility, flexibility and are more prone to injury like David Beckham who has recently retired from football. Where as in golf you will see a lot more older people as it is not as demanding physically as football so you can play golf like Tom Watson when you are 65.
Temperature is extrinsic and can affect athletes both physically and mentally.
The main effect of being cold are:
- Hypothermia where your body is too cold and can not maintain a suitable body temperature.
- When being cold you don't warm up you body and muscles as quickly before a game which could lead to torn muscles or tendons.
The main effect of being hot are:
- Over heating can be dangerous to an athlete as it can lead to increased heart rate, increase blood pressure, fainting and dehydration.
By Mark Westhead
Analysis of Sport Performance
Motivation is intrinsic as athlete purely enjoy and get satisfaction while playing sport. Motivation can have good and bad affect on your sports performance. A good affect is it will increase your concentration and therefore more able to learn new skill and techniques. on the other hand it can have a bad affect because it might make you over work and then that can cause injury. Below is a video about how motivation can get you to reach your goals.
Tom Waston's Golf Years
David Backham's career
The Effect On Hypothermia
Time of Day
Time of day is extrinsic as when an athlete competes after a day of work or education, there performance won't be as good cause they will be tired and unable to concentrate. Also with things like training in the morning can have a bad effect on performance because the athlete's metabolism will slow down therefore will not be able to produce energy quickly.

Most sports events are restricted by media coverage and TV which may dictate what time the matches can be played, because of this there is now evening matches in sports like football.
The foundation level is focus on giving people and participants a understanding on basic movement skills and develop them. It also gives children a positive experience in sport, without which young people are less likely to become involved in sport.
The elite level is focus on the athletes that have already reached the highest level of there chosen sport. athletes such as Tiger woods who is world number one for 2013.
Foundation: is inexpensive and is mainly the coaches observations and feedback .

Elite: is more technical as your feedback and observations have to be more detailed. However use of technology such as trackman in golf and high speed camera's for football and running is being used more and more. With this technology there is a big cost but they are needed to analyse the elite athletes.
Foundation: equipment that is needed is simple such as clipboard and stopwatch to measure the peoples performance.

Elite: equipment needed for elite are very technical such as high speed cameras, video analysis and sensors on the athletes body to track there movement, which are all needed to analyse the athletes performance in minute detail.
Foundation: is very quick and easy as simple methods and equipment is used.

Elite: can be time consuming to analyse and evaluate the athletes, to give them the required data as well as feeding back the information and making an effective training regime to show the athletes areas for improvement if there was any.
Foundation: the analysis can take place anywhere, on a field or in a sports hall.

Elite: need a sports science laboratory to gain the needed data these facilities are far and few between, therefore traveling and expenses are incurred.
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