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The weird world of phobias!

There's something everyone is afraid of. Some are scared of math. Some are scared of fire [ such as me! ]. Some are scared of clowns or flying in the air. Some are even scared of taking a bath! Plus, there's even more... more than you can count! XD

kade sibert

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of The weird world of phobias!

The weird world of phobias! By Kade Sibert Note: Be careful when you go to the section that looks like a P. this section may be offensive to some What on Earth is a phobia? A phobia is a fear of a particular thing. There are many kinds, however, they are split into 2 groups. First, you have rational phobias. These phobias are common. On the other hand, you have irrational phobias, which are much rarer Here are some rational phobias! Claustrophobia- The fear of tight spaces Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or crowds Arithmophobia- XD Fear of numbers or math Arachnophobia or Arachniphobia- Fear of spiders Acrophobia, Altophobia, etc. Fear of heights Glossophobia- Fear of speaking in public If you have this one, you better not participate in a play or a civic oration.. XD Since when do spiders make homes in cabinets? Thats a looooooooong way down How did he get stuck in the first place? Must be pretty shy Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns, including evil ones I don't get why many people are scared of clowns. Maybe it's because they arent very funny? Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes OUCH! cynophobia- Fear of dogs You're most likely scared of them because you abused them and they fought back.. D: Brontophobia or Astrophobia Fear of thunder and lightning SHAZAM! Mysophobia Fear of dirty things, such as germs or dirt Now she knows about germs! And knowing is half the battle! XD Aviophobia- Fear of flying Looks like somebody doesn't want to reach for the skies. Emetophobia- The fear of vomit. Nobody likes vomit, but those with those phobia go to extreme endeavors to avoid it. Because it is one of those things that just make you go BLECH, I shall not show a picture this time. Carcinophobia- Fear of cancer Note: NOT THE ZODIAC SIGN! YUCKY YUCK! :& Oh no! I've touched someone with cancer! Now I'm going to get it even though cancer doesn't spread by touch! Necrophobia fear of death or things related to it Great, now we have to play another game of clue to find out who did this.. Noctiphobia Fear of darkness or night The shadows are coming for YOU! Xenophobia Fear of strangers. To avoid any racism, I will not post picture for this one. Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger! Sociophobia Fear of being negatively judged by others; fear of criticism Now, we go on to the irrational phobias! Ablutophobia Fear of washing or taking a bath If you have this phobia, stay away from people like chef Gordon Ramsey or Simon Cowell [ did I spell that right? ] Quit acting like you're a cat that hates water! Agryophobia Fear of crossing the street The Chicken has this one! XD Autophobia fear of being alone or isolated Forever alone! XD Aichmophobia fear of sharp objects OH NO!!! Hexakosiohexekontahexaphobia Fear of 666 How many times can you find the word hex? Hadephobia- Fear of going to "the lake of fire" Christians should have this phobia! D; Papaphobia Fear of the Pope How can anyone be afraid of the Pope? D; Uranophobia Fear of heaven How on Earth could anyone be afraid of this?!?! Porphyrophobia Fear of the color purple.
I DO NOT MEAN THE MUSICAL!!!!! If at first you thought it was the musical, then SHAME ON YOU! Octophobia, Tetraphobia, Etc. Fear of the number that is indicated by the prefix.
Example: Dodecaphobia means you are scared of anything that is related to the number 12. There's a phobia for NUMBERS too?!?! Oikophobia Fear of surroundings around a house Plastic Flamingoes are scary! What are they REALLY made out of? Oneirophobia Fear of dreams Dreams can be such a pain Being scared! Okay, we know a TON of phobias, rational and irrational. One question is, how can somebody stop the phobia? I'm glad you asked! There are several things people do to stop a phobia. These include but are not limited to:
Facing their fear once and for all. This is commonly used for many phobias, such as aviophobia or sociophobia
Trying to avoid their fear completely. Sometimes this is impossible, however it is possible for some.
Going to counseling. Here, people talking about their fears can often make them feel better. Sure, phobias are crazy and strange. However, they help make up somebody's personality. Some are too severe to keep, however. If you have a severe phobia, then either facing your fear or going to counseling will assist. :D So, did I find what you are scared of yet? Or are you one of those tough ones who think they are so great? If you think so, then I WILL FIND YOUR PHOBIA! [evil laugh].
Here are some more phobias. I believe you've seen enough to know which are rational and irrational. Agrizoophobia fear of wild animals take a ride on the wild side! XD Acerophobia fear of sourness Aww, now I cant have sweet and sour chicken. D: Ailurophobia fear of cats, big and small MEOW!!! Acousticophobia fear of noise You are doomed to be in fear forever!! BWAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, you have earplugs? DX Amnesiphobia Fear of Amnesia Isn't that a special move on pokemon? Amychophobia Fear of being clawed or scractched IT'S THE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angrophobia Fear of "lashing out" at someone; fear of anger HULK SMASH! Astrophobia Fear of stars, space, or other things within the final frontier Geliophobia Fear of laughter LOL Pyrophobia [ I have this one!] ] Fear of fire Paraskevidekatriaphobia Fear of Friday the 13th, both the movie and the day. IT BURNS! AHHH! Chemophobia Fear of chemicals or things with chemicals Don't worry, I'm scared too! Chifophobia Fear of bats...
Animal Bats That's why I don't like batman... XD Atychiphobia Fear of failure WHY DIDN'T YOU STUDY!!!!!?!??!?!?! Frigophobia Fear of the cold I'm so cold..... I'm shivering! XD Gamophobia Fear of marriage if you don't like it then you shouldn't have put a ring on it! XD Phobophobia fear of having a phobia Egad, how many of these are there?!?!? Oenophobia Fear of wine How could you be scared of something that makes you live longer? Anthrophobia Fear of flowers PERTY! :D Aquaphobia, hydrophobia, etc. Fear of water Xylophobia Fear of wood or wooden objects Just bobbing around the water! YAY! Oh no! Nomophobia fear of being out of a phone's contact You use phones too much! Obesophobia Fear of becoming overweight Two piecies and a biscuit! XD Gerascophobia Fear of aging IT'S LIFE... DEAL WITH IT Haphephobia fear of being touched Picture says all Helmintophobia Fear of giant worms Oh my gosh!! Heliophobia Fear of the sun Does he have migraine? Decidophobia Fear of choosing JUST PICK ALREADY! Hippopotomonstrosequippedaliophobia Fear of long words Harpaxophobia Fear of being robbed IS this a ninja or a robber? See if you can guess! XD ARGH!!! Hodophobia The fear of travel Are we there yet? Homichlophobia Fear of fog In the old days, people scared others by jumping out of the fog! XD Dishabiliophobia fear of undressing in front of someone But nobody wants to see you naked! I don't think anybody rolls that way! Dynophobia Fear of dizziness or whirlpools Eosophobia Fear of dawn or dusk spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin... ARGH! How could you be scared of something so pretty? Ataxiophobia Fear of muscle incoordination. No picture needed. There's even more out there! So, now did I find something you were afraid of? If I didn't, DARN IT! If I did, then now you know! If you have a phobia that isn't on this list that you would like for me to identify, then feel free to ask in the comments! :D ACTA EST FABULA! That's Latin for, it's over! THERES EVEN MORE!!!!! Bolshevikphobia Fear of Blosheviks, which are Russian Communists. I heard they use Vodka to run trains! XD Anemophobia fear of wind WHOOSH! Anthropohphobia fear of people or society arachbutyrophobia fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth Shy, are ya? Peanut butter jelly time! XD Apeirophobia Fear of infinity Buzz Lightyear would hate you if you had this Bibliophobia fear of books Stay away from libraries! XD Ballistophobia Fear of bullets or missiles Have Ballistophobia? Then use BULLET TIME! From The Matrix! Amathophobia Fear of dust Maids probably have this phobia... Bufonophobia Fear of toads. The ANIMAL, NOT THE MARIO VERSION How can anyone be afraid of toad? Anablephobia Fear of looking up Egad, these are some weird phobias! Dextrophobia Fear of objects on the right side of the body What if you had your wallet in your right pocket? Levophobia, sinistrophobia Fear of objects on the left side of the body. No picture needed Anatidaephobia Why must I be left handed!?!? The fear that a duck is watching you somewhere... XD That's why we have a game called duck hunt chaetophobia Fear of hair Chorophobia Fear of dancing JUST DANCE! There are some hairstyles that scare me... Chromophobia Fear of colors Their scared because they have never tasted the rainbow! :P Ichthyophobia Fear of fish and things related to it There's something in the water! Phagophobia fear of swallowing What a horrible phobia to have! Ornithophobia Fear of birds Polly want a cracker? Algophobia fear of physical, emotional, or other pains OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Trypanophobia
fear of injections AHHH! Hemophobia fear of blood No comment. Pedophobia [ don't you dare talk about the pedobear! ] Fear of children Looks like you need to call the SUPER NANNY! Spectrophobia Fear of mirrors Reflections are idiots Gynophobia Fear of women This is from a japanese show called "Girls Bravo!" Its about this boy named Yukinari who faces Gynophobia. It's currently on Netflix Androphobia The fear of men Why did I even post this one!?!?!?!
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