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Plants Go Green

Period 5

Kristina Fields

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Plants Go Green

Plants Make a Difference! Go Green Project
Kristina Fields
Period 5
5/9/13 Lets think... Using Basic Ideas from Plants... Plants can generate energy through Photosynthesis
6CO2+6H2O C6H12O6+60
Plants admit oxygen and take in Carbon Dioxide The Problem... There is too much pollution caused by electricity. Proposed Solutions Light Water Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Glucose or Sugar Roots Leaves Traps light energy Diagram of Photosynthesis What is Pollution caused by Electricity? NOT sensible pollution; can not be seen, tasted, smelled or touched
So it is hard to be aware of Electric pollution
Burning fossil fuels(Non renewable) to create electricity produces pollution
Pollution is very bad for health If plants can generate energy from Photosynthesis why can't we? An invention found on...
suggests this very idea! The Solar Plant The Idea Behind the Solar Plant... Ways to Reduce the Pollution... Stronger Regulations
Reduce amount of electricity used in every-day life
New way to produce Electricity that does not produce pollution Emissions caused by producing electricity are very harmful
Polluting the air (too much CO2)
Can be compared with water pollution (Cleanness)
The use of Electricity has been dramatically increased Everyone knows about Solar Power, but how about Photosynthesis Power? Solar plant uses photosynthesis to get energy to charge mobile devices
It can charge your phone, laptop... you name it!
It uses the same idea as a plant to gather energy that it stores in the pot
You plug in your device using a USB and it charges! Electricity Motion Communication & Pleasure Heating & cooling Light Electricity Uses How Scientists do it... "Researchers in my field are always drawing inspiration from nature, you take the basic lessons and you try to do it in an artificial way."
~Boston College Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kian L. Tan Take CO2 and Sunlight
Tame the carbon atoms
Carbon atoms structurally resist efforts to harness it for chemical products
Meaning you need to refine the forms of carbon molecules Getting the idea from plants (plants gather CO2 and sunlight to fuel chemical reactions, which then turns into energy) Silicon nanowires are used as a photo cathode
Used to convert solar energy to electrical energy
Electrons from this = organic molecules used to trigger chemical reactions
This is then used to bind the carbon atoms to create energy The bigger picture... What if we can increase the size of this artificial plant? Increase it in size so that it may even power a house! This would be a faster and a more aesthetically pleasing than solar panels and wind turbines. One of these could be placed in the front yard of a house and depending on the size of the house the size of the "plant" could be varied. This should be able to take care of the basic everyday needs such as lights, and power for household appliances. More Benefits: -Takes in CO2 in (reduces green house gasses)
-Small versions can charge small devises
-Larger versions can power houses The "Solar Plant" in the yards of houses. (future) Diagram on how to use it Invention by Bon-Seop, Ku in Seoul South Korea " Problems other than Pollution it will solve... Fact about Electricity Pollution Most Pollution industry (electricity)
Generation of electricity produces more pollution than any other industry in the US
According to 2000 figures, U.S. electricity industry is responsible for 63% of U.S. sulfur dioxide emissions
Those emissions contribute to acid rain.
21% of nitrous oxide emissions
Those emissions contribute to urban smoke
40% of US Carbon emission
contribute to global climate change Diagram of the Health effects of pollution The Next Invention... Photosynthesis car -Air quality
-Electricity generation & pollution caused by electricity Plants that gather the sun's energy It is like a moving greenhouse! To Conclude... Using the Photosynthesis to obtain energy is a unique and powerful way to save the Earth. Flower Power! We need to advance our knowledge into these inventions and new ideas. Any questions or comments? Have a Nice Day! This has been a Presentation by Kristina Fields Sources http://www.greendiary.com/the-10-most-promising-green-inventions-of-2010.html 4/15/13

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