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TOGAF - ADM phases: objectives, inputs and outputs

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Patrice Kerremans

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of TOGAF - ADM phases: objectives, inputs and outputs

Inputs and outputs Preliminary Architecture Vision Business Architecture Information Systems Architecture Technology Architecture Opportunities & Solutions Migration Planning Implementation Governance Architecture Change Management Requirements Management determine the desired architecture capability of the organization
establish the architecture capability develop high level aspirational vision of the capabilities and business value to be delivered as a result of the proposed enterprise architecture
obtain approval for a Statement of Architecture Work that defines a program of works to develop and deploy the architecture outlined in the Architecture Vision develop target business architecture describing how the enterprise needs to operate to achieve the business goals, responds to the strategic drivers set out in the architecture vision and addresses the Request for Architecture Work and stakeholder concerns
identify candidate Architecture Roadmap components based upon gaps between the Baseline and Target Business Architectures develop target informations system architecture (data and application), describing how it will implement the business architecture and the architecture vision in a way that addresses the Request for Architecture Work and the stakeholder concerns
identify roadmap components based upon the gaps between the baseline and the target information systems architecture develop the target technology architecture that enables the information systems architecture and addresses the architecture vision and the stakeholder concerns
identify candidate roadmap components based on the baseline and target architectures generate the initial complete version of the Architecture Roadmap, based upon the gap analysis and candidate Architecture Roadmap components from phases B, C, and D
determine whether an incremental approach is required, and if so identify Transition Architectures that will deliver continuous business value finalize the architecture roadmap and the supporting implementation and migration plan
ensure that the implementation and migration plan is coordinated with the enterprise's approach to managing and implementing change in the enterprise's overall change portfolio
ensure that the business value and the cost of work packages and the transition architectures is understood by key stakeholders Ensure conformance with the Target Architecture by implementation projects
Perform appropriate Architecture Governance functions for the solution and any implementation-driven architecture Change Requests Ensure that the architecture lifecycle is maintained
Ensure that the Architecture Governance Framework is executed
Ensure that the Enterprise Architecture Capability meets current requirements Ensure that the Requirements Management process is sustained and operates for all relevant ADM phases
Manage architecture requirements identified during any execution of the ADM cycle or a phase
Ensure that relevant architecture requirements are available for use by each phase as the phase is executed input
key drivers
Architecture Principles: Principles Catalog
Request for Architecture Work
Business Principles, Business Goals, and Business Drivers
Organizational Model for Enterprise Architecture
Tailored Architecture Framework
Initial Architecture Repository
Architecture Governance Framework
Architecture reference materials
Approved Statement of Architecture Work
Capability Assessment
Architecture Vision Document
Draft Architecture Definition Document
Communications Plan
Stakeholder Map matrix
Value Chain diagram
Solution Concept diagram input
Enterprise Continuum
Validated Business Principles
Draft Architecture Requirements Specification
Business Architecture components of an Architecture Roadmap
Application principles
Data principles
Validated data principles
Validated application principles
Data Architecture components of an Architecture Roadmap
Application Architecture components of an Architecture Roadmap input
Product information on candidate products
Technology principles
Validated technology principles
Technology Architecture components of an Architecture Roadmap input
Planning methodologies
Change Requests for existing business programs and projects
Candidate Architecture Roadmap components from Phases B, C, and D
Draft Architecture Roadmap
Draft Implementation and Migration Plan input
no new input
Finalized Implementation and Migration Plan
Finalized Architecture Definition Document
Finalized Architecture Requirements Specification
Finalized Architecture Roadmap
Architecture Contract (standard)
Request for Architecture Work identified during Phases E and F
Architecture Contract (signed)
Compliance Assessments
Architecture-compliant solutions deployed input
Change Request - technology changes
Change Request - business changes
Change Request - from lessons learned
Architecture updates
New Request for Architecture Work input
Requirements Impact Assessment
Requirements Impact Assessment
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