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Curator's Workbench

A Tool for Preparing Digital Material

Gregory Jansen

on 26 October 2011

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Transcript of Curator's Workbench

Organized for Original User

Weird Metadata

Weird File Formats, Packages

User File System A repository submission
is a data processing
project Original Environment Repository Standard Metadata

Standard Formats

Standard Package or Object Model

Archival Storage Thousands of Hi-Rez TIFFs Organized by Site and Dig Program on
Public Life Years of Accumulated
Office Documents No Descriptions MP3 A
Repository Object MODS XML for Description PREMIS XML for:
administrative stuff Manifest w/Identifiers and Fixity All Data Replicated Original Files Derived Files Folder Structure Data Research Labs
of Archaeology Images Described in
tables within
HTML and PDF Captured
Lectures MP4 WMV Custom Lecture ZIPs: Lectures Described in Excel Curator Analyzes Original Data Carefully document decisions Programmer writes a script Testing, testing, testing Repeat as adjustments are made HTML RSS A
Repository Collection Contains all the objects May have a folder hierarchy analysis
verify integrity
data transfer workflow 1.0 two people
~1 SIP per month
error prone
ad hoc effort
unique scripts workflow 1.0 workflow 2.0 one person
>2 SIPs per week
streamlined effort
reuse tools

no collection-specific software! Curator's Workbench can help you..
capture and stage files
generate manifest w/fixity
arrange folders and objects
migrate custom metadata
export submission packages Design Goals Curators in the driver's seat

Automation w/o interruption

Flexible inputs and outputs

Extensible by plug-in LoC Metadata Encoding and Transmission Schema (METS) Java Desktop Software Built around the Eclipse Workbench, a stable and mature
Programming Environment iRODS File Staging Model-Driven Software OSGi Plug-in Architecture download from:
http://www.lib.unc.edu/software spreadsheets databases html disciplinary XML you name it! or not organized! Curator's Workbench:
A Tool for Preparing Digital Material Greg Jansen

UNC Libraries vulnerable Deep Folder Structure May have restricted access Fall 2010 Spring 2010 (so, what's wrong with this?) in the background Internal manifest is METS, but might export other packages making appraisal decisions staging systems metadata schemas run external tools Joint Software
Design Process Archivist Focus Group Examined existing analog and digital work flows.. Cookies! Expand, but prioritize How I spent my summer vacation.. Free and Open Source
project hosted on
GitHub.com Windows/Mac/Linux Questions? Ask me now or
email greg_jansen@unc.edu
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