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Globalization and Culture

No description

Anna Augostini

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Globalization and Culture

Globalization and Culture
By: Anna Augostini, Ellie Sanna, and Nina Zheng
Arts and Technology
Manga and Japanese Culture
Buddhism Beyond Traditon
Dance and Technology
Background Information
Buddhism Beyond Traditions
Cultural Development
Spread of Buddhism
Different meanings to Buddhism
Why it became common
Has become popular because it is widely accepted
It can be derived easily
Futurism & Dance
Manga: Japanese comics
Anime: Japanese animation
For Japanese audience
Escape from reality
Japanese cultural allusions
Pre-licensing to Licensing
Domestic Market
Black Markets
Oversea Markets
Familiarity & Fantasy
America & Europe
Toning down "Japaneseness"
Uniqueness of Japanese Culture
Cultural Proximity & Cultural Familiarity
Attached yet not committed
-do not have to follow the religious aspect
Skepticism of Technology
American Zen
Fractions of Buddhist traditions
Yoga and meditation:
practiced in more of a fitness way
What are consequences to spread of MANGA?
Cultural Exchange
Interest in Japanese culture - Travel to Japan
Chinese style manga
Korean style manga & Webtoons
Used for a more healthier and balanced lifestyle
Skepticism of Technology
Homogenization of the art
Futurism & Dance
Travelers that go to India/Asia practice Buddhism
bring back (to America or other countries) what they learned and preach to others.
Some may not want to live in India or Asia their whole life to practice Buddhism
Wendy Siuyi Wong. "Globalizing Manga: From Japan to Hong Kong and Beyond." Mechademia 1.1 (2006): 23-45.
Rise of Buddhism
Traditional Buddhism
Worship of Buddha
Common in Asia and India
Yoga is a method used to relax or prepare the body before long periods of meditation
Meditation is practiced to find oneself
yoga now used as a therapy
Cultural Development
King Henry VIII
"Sun God"
African Dance
Issues within Globalization
Negative Effects of Spreading
Natural vs. Unnatural
Transfusion of Cultural Ideas
Negative Effects of Spreading
Natural vs. Unnatural
Transfusion of Cultural Ideas
Straying from tradition
Dance and Technology
Illegal spreading
Buddhist temple in California
Long-term advancements
Effective use of technology
Benefits of Integrating Technology
Create new ideas
Cater to today's generation
Increase interest in arts
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