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Russian Diamonds

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Catherina Rojas

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Russian Diamonds

Russia's Diamond Industry
1867- Diamonds in Urals' gold mines

1954- Kimberlite in Zarnitsa mine
1955- Kimberlite in Mir mine
Kimberlite field in Udachnaya mine

1957- Yakutalmaz Group of Enterprises established;
Mining and production began in Yakutia;
First industrial level diamonds mined.

1959- First shipment sold in world market;
Additional Exploration yields new deposits;

1962- Uncut gem diamonds sold to De Beers.
Gem Stone
1960 -70's - Exploration leads to geographic expansion; New mines, processing plants, technology...
1969- Yakutalmaz Group of enterprises restructured into Yakutalmaz Production and Scientific Association.

New era...
1992- ALROSA (А Almazy Rossii – Sakha) Closed Joint-Stock Company established

1996- Catoca Ltda is established in Angola
1997- ALROSA opens representative offices in Luanda (Angola), Antwerp (Belgium), London (UK).
Andrey Zharkov
Executive Committee
2001- ALROSA and De Beers sign a contract. (2006)

2008- ALROSA partners with Gokhran
2009- ALROSA
2011- ALROSA becomes an open joint stock company.
2012- ALROSA's approves production development plan up to 2021.
2013-ALROSA becomes a public traded company on the Moscow stock exchange.
ILYA RYASHCHIN - First Vice President
IGOR SOBOLEV - First Vice-President, Executive Director
IVAN DEMYANOV - Vice President, Representative of minority shareholders
IGOR KULICHIK - Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
ALEXANDER MATVEEV - Head of Legal Department
ALEXANDER MAKHRACHEV - Director of Udachny Mining & Processing Division of ALROSA
YURI OKOYOMOV - Vice President
SERGEY PUSHKIN - Vice-President
RAVIL SANATULOV - Director of the Aikhal Mining & Processing Division
VALERY SEROV - Chief Geologist
ALEXANDER CHAADAEV - Vice President for Innovations, Director, Yakutniproalmaz Institute
Looking Ahead...

25-30 years of resources
Expand International Cooperation
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