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An Powerful quake hits Santiago

No description

Madeleine Student

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of An Powerful quake hits Santiago

Powerful quake hits Santiago!
The earthquake happened:
On Tuesday, April 2, 2014
During the night at 8:46 p.m.
The earthquake took place in Chile, a country in South America on the Pacific Ocean
Epicenter was off the northwest coast of Chile, in the Pacific Ocean
Earthquake: 8.2 magnitude (very large)
Tsunami: The earthquake created a tsunami with 6 1/2 foot waves that hit the cities on the ocean
Landslides: The quake caused many landslides that blocked roads
Many aftershocks hit the area
Google Images
The Oregonian
Two people died and several people were injured
Power was out for many people in the area
People in the neighboring country of Peru also were evacuated from the coast
The earthquake could be felt as far away as 300 miles, in Bolivia.
Since the earthquake struck in the ocean, there was less damage and harm to people
Impact to People
Why is this important to us?
We studied earthquakes in science
Chile is on the "Ring of Fire" that circles the world
Oregon is on a fault line and we could have an earthquake and tsunami
Mount Hood is a nearby volcano on the Pacific Ring of Fire
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