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#3 Industrial Revolution 1700-1800s

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David Kays

on 12 July 2018

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Transcript of #3 Industrial Revolution 1700-1800s

#3 Industrial Revolution 1700-1800s
* change from producing goods by hand to machines in factories; started in England
laissez faire
: govt. lets private business make decisions
* in this system, prices set by
supply & demand; competition keeps prices low with efficient use of raw materials
Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
: hated capitalism; felt owners exploited workers
* they wrote "The Communist Manifesto" about class struggle
* key results -
: machines used in factories
: growth of the cities; overcrowding
and pollution were problems
* unsafe factories, long hours & low pay;
child labor
* felt the
(owners) took
advantage of the
predicted overthrow of owners, with future
society of no class distinction
* ideas of Marx & Engels became
basis for communism; Russia and China
used this ideology in 1900s
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