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The Swedish education system

No description

Jeanette Green

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of The Swedish education system

The Swedish Education System
A short description
Hopefully you can start your university studies when you are prepared for it. Many high school students wait 1-4 years until they begin.
Upper secondary school
High school
Accepted to higher education
You must have a diploma from high school - must fulfill general entry requirements and specific entry recquirement
You compete with your grades
There is only one admissions office
When you fill in your application you can apply up to 12 programmes at the same time.
You fill in your application from a particular website
Application open 15 March to 15 April
University studies are free of charge
No age limit when you apply to Swedish university
Swedish Scholastic Aptitude test
If you do this test - improve your opportunity to get into University
Two times a year
8.30 - 16.30
Cost 450 Swedish kr
Valid 5 years
You can do the test how many times you want
You can do the test almost in every city at a special date

18 national programmes - 6 of them preparing for higher education and 12 are vocational / learn for a profession
Each programme lasts three years
You are not obligated to do High school but what should you do instead?
You are accepted by your grades from middle school
You can choose between municipality or independent school
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