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1st Writing Task I10

No description

Sandra Arellano

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of 1st Writing Task I10

Let's identify some important details
Let's brainstorm
Challenging experience vs. Dangerous experience

What happened

Writing Task N°1
The Smithsonian Magazine is having a contest.
Win a trip to London!! Write a letter to the magazine telling us about a challenging or dangerous experience you've had in a trip. The most interesting story will win a trip for 2! Give your best and visit this amazing city!

I am writing...



Yours sincerely,

Planning (Mind Map/Diagram/Scheme)
Who are you writing for?
What's the style of this piece of writing?
What's the purpose of it?
Trip to Arequipa
(dangerous experience)
When: June 2009
How long: 1 week
Season: Winter
Who was I with: Alone, a group of tourists
What: Rafting on Chili River
Had 1st rafting lesson
Put on the equipment
Started the journey
How I felt: Scared to death
Like I was going out of my mind.

Read and answer the following checklist about your writing
Did I write a letter in the appropriate style for a magazine?
Was my experience challenging or dangerous?
Did I use different Past tenses to connect the events logically?
Did I use new expression I learned in this unit?
Did I use reduced adverbial clauses?
Did I use "No matter..." clauses?
If you got a check in most of the questions then your writing is from another level!!
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