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Pock School

a presentation about pock school and its history

Alex Moss

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Pock School

Pock School 500

The Beginning
Church and Religion
Old Pocklingtonian's
Pock Today
The Beginning
Pock School!
John Dolman is the founder of Pocklington school. He founded it in 1514 under the reign of Henry viii. He was a lawyer and a clergyman and was educated at Cambridge university. He was the archdeacon of Suffolk and supported the poor setting up a school for them (Pocklington). He sadly died in 1526 and was buried in St Catherines Cathedral.
When Hutton took over the school was in ruins. There was only about 50 pupils in the whole school! Hutton changed that and managed to get the school up and running again.
Charles Hutton was born in 1857 and died in 1921. He had a wife, Frances Ava Hutton.
Church And Religion
Pocklington school church was built in the 12th - 15th century. Pocklington students have been going there since the school started. Religion is a big part of pocklington school as they go to church every friday and have their own school chapel!
Old Pocklingtonians
There are lots of famous old pocklingtonians including:
William Wilberforce
Ade Edmondson
Richard Annand VC
Sir James Cobban
Jack Daniel
Mark Fisher
Tom Stoppard
Lord Moran
Sir Charles Reece
Frank Smailes
Rob Webber
William Wilberforce
Born: 24th August 1759
Died: 29th July 1833
Claim to Fame:
William Wilberforce helped ban slavery in Britian and now has a house pocklington school named after him.

Sir Tom Stoppard
Born: 3rd July 1997
Died: Not Dead
Claim to Fame:
Tom Stoppard wrote lots of famous plays including 'Every good boy deserves favour' and wrote the screenplay for 'Shakespear in love.
Pock Today
The current headmaster is Mark Rownan, He was made headmaster in 2008.
There are 750 pupils in Pocklington and Lyndhurst school. It has pupils from age 4-18.
It has a very good art and design department and every year
the art teachers make a short music video
96.3% recieved 5 A*-C grades with 51% as A or A*!!!
Thank You!
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