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This is me

No description

Giulia P.

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of This is me

I like wearing casual .
I like T-shirts , jeans , sweaters , shorts and singlets . I don't like dress and skirt . I usually wear T-shirts and jeans at school .
This is me
Best Friend
My best friend is Flavia Alison.
She is 13 years old.
Flavia is as tall as me.
She's got long, brown hair and brown eyes .
She is friendly, cheerful and sincere ; these are her best qualities .
Her worst qualities are that she's touchy and sensitive .

Typical day
I get up at 7:00 a.m .
I have breakfast with cereal and milk at 7:10 a.m .
I go to school at 7:45 a.m .
Lesson start at 7:55 and finish at 1:55 p.m .
I have lunch with pasta and fruit at 2:20 p.m.
I do my homework at 3:00 p.m
I play volleyball at 7:00 p.m and finish at 9:00 p.m
I have dinner with meat , vegetables and fruit at 7:30 . But when I have volleyball I have dinner at 9:30 p.m

I live...
I live with my mum in Bologna . Bologna is in E.R. , in the north of Italy . It has got a lots of monuments and a lots of museums . I like Bologna because it has many shops of all kinds , cinemas and parks . I don't like it because it's dirty.
Food&Drink that I love...
My future school ...
Next year I go to the High School Language Galvani.
At my father's home I have a cat . Its name is Milù . Milù is old , it has got 18 years old . Milù is nice and lovely .

My name is Giulia and I'm 13 years old .
I am italian .
My birthday is on the 10th of September .
I am a Virgo .
My hair is ligth brown , straight and long .
My eyes are hazel and big .
I am 1 meter and 73 cm tall .
I am slim .
I am cheerful and friendly ;these are my best qualities . But I am also shy , jealous and stubborn ; these are my worst qualities .
I haven't got sisters or brothers . I am an only child .
My favorite color is violet .

Tv program
My favorite program is Amici.
It is on channel 5 .
It is about two team where there are singers and dancers .
The two team have to do two rounds,
during the two rounds each team must have to deploy each member of the team. At the end of each round you see who won and the winning team has the opportunity to eliminate a competitor of the other opponents. My favorite singer is Giada and my favorite dancer is Christian.
My favorite sport is volleyball .
I practice it three times a week .
I have practiced it for two years .
I like it because it is a team sport .
I like ...
-meet my friends
-listen the music
-dancing hip-hop

I don't like ...
-helping at house
My favorite kind of music is pop .
My favorite singer is Katy Perry .
I don't have a favorite song because I like so many.
I attend the third class of the middle school .
The name of my school is " Il Guercino " .
My favorite subjects are English , geography and gymnastic .
I am good at Italy but I am not good at math .
Social network
My favorite social network is whats app.
I like it because you don't pay for all the messages that you send. In this social network you have a rubric which there are the contacts that you have in your telephone. You can put on your whats app's profile a photo and a message.

Social network
New York
My favorite city in the world is New York.
New York is a modern city in the north of the U.S.A .
It is the biggest city of the U.S.A. It has nearly 8 million inhabitants. It is formed by five districts, called boroughs. The most important borough is Manhattan. Americans call it “the Big Apple”: it is an island lying between two rivers, the Hudson and the East river. In 1626 a Dutchman bought an island from the Indians and founded a town called New Amsterdam. N.Y. was a Dutch colony for 50 years, then the British took it and changed the name into New York, in honour to the Duke of York, the King's brother. The heart of the city is the central section of the island where there is Central Park, a huge green area with lakes, gardens and woods. People go cycling, horseback riding, swimming and jogging in it.
New York has a lot of skyscrapers. The most famous one is the Empire State Building, with 102 floors. The World Trade Centre, or the Twin towers, destroyed on 11th September 2001, had 110 floors.
My favorite city
My hero
The m,ain environmental problems in my area are the traffic and the pollution. The traffic is a problem because the cars give smog and gas that they pollution the environment. The pollution is a conseguence of the traffic. The air isn't clear and the traffic is another cause that do acustic pollution. If the government doesn't solve the problem will be more important and it may estended in all the world. It will cause damage.
How you eat... healthy or unhealty?
I think that I eat healthily because I eat vegetables, fruit, meat, carbohydrates not in excessive quantities. I don't eat fast food almost never and I try to eliminate carbonated drinks.
Unfortunately I like so much chocolate and often I eat her. I really don't like salad and tomatoes and I would eat the cheesecakes but I would never eat the insects larvae.
My favorite object
My favorite object is my telephone.
I like it very much because with its I can do photos, listen the music, chat with my friends and call them too. My telephone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 but I would like to have a iPhone 5s.
My favorite film
My favorite film is Grease. Grease is a musical. The main carachter are Sandy and Danny. In the film Sandy and Danny meet at the beach. They are in love. Danny is at school with is friends, he tells them what happened during the summer. Sandy has just arrived at school and she meets the Pink Ladies. They go to Ridell School. Sandy sees Danny at the school party. He pretends he is not interested in her because he doesn't want to ruin his reputation. Sandy tries to be friend with the Pink Ladies. The school dance arrive with DJ Fontaine. Danny and Sandy arrive together. They dance well and are expected to win but Danny and Cha-Cha end up performing together and winning. Danny tries to make it up to Sandy by taking her to a drive-in theater but Sandy gets upsetand leaves. On the last day of school Sandy appears dressed in leather and Danny is shocked. The two admit they love each other and reunite.
My hero
My hero is Anna Frank. She is born to Otto and Edith Frank in 12 Of June in 1929. She had a sister, Margot, who was three years old. They were a jewish family in Germany. Anna wrote a diary that she called "Kitty" and after "Achterhuis". In the diary she wrote her entries, leaving out some very personal item. In 5 of September in 1944 she is arrived with her family in the concentration camp called Auschwitz-Birkenau. After she and her sister were taken in Bergen-Belsen, another concentration camp. In march 1945 they died.
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