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10 Fun Facts About Trains

Design by Prezitime. For more information please visit http://prezitime.com

Ali Alatas

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of 10 Fun Facts About Trains

Longest stretch of perfectly straight railway track is located in Australia. It is 478 kilometers long.
Current speed record for trains is held by French TGV bullet train.
He reached the speed of 584km per hour and then braked for 16 kilometers before it managed to stop.
Heaviest train ever recorded weighted 95,000 tonnes!
This freight train from Australia was 7.3 kilometers long and had the weight of 27 thousand fully grown elephants.
Total area of contact between train wheels and rail is little larger than one silver dollar.
Trains are one of the most
eco-friendly ways you can travel.
10 Facts About Trains
The first underground
railway was made in London.
Today 40% of world’s freight cargo is transported via trains, and that number continues to grow with each year.
U.S. embraced four time zones only after trains enabled fast travel across the continent.
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