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Component Three: Research and Planning

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of Component Three: Research and Planning

Component Three: Research and Planning
What is a 'culture' magazine
Print Research
Create a front cover and double page feature article for a new specialist culture magazine to promote your artist or band to the target audience.

Length: 3 pages
Research Task
Choose three culture magazine covers that are similar.
Identify what type of culture magazine they are (sub genre). Is it mainstream or niche?
Identify the codes and conventions of that type of magazine.
Analyse some uses of media language and explain the effect on the audience.
Analyse how the artist/group who is on the cover is represented.
Analyse who you think the target audience is and how the magazine appeals to them.
What are the selling points of the magazine?
A cultural magazine focuses on artistic endeavors - music, fashion, film etc. They would also consider the social culture of the times (what's in the news).
A culture magazine is more sophisticated than a teenage music magazine or a celebrity gossip tabloid magazine. They can be 'indie' and niche as well as mainstream.
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